The Best Autumn Songs To Wake Up To

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When the weather turns crisp and your blankets start feeling cosier, and you have this overwhelming urge to add cinnamon to all your food, you know that autumn is here. With sunlight filtering through orange leaves and wind making dried leaves rustle, autumn ushers in the sweater weather mood as well. An effervescent blend of joy, nostalgia and warmth, this mood tends to trickle into our food, fashion, body language, as well as our playlists.

Autumn mornings are familiar and comforting and are therefore perfect for rejuvenating and warming up for the rest of the day. Therefore, having a good sweater weather playlist to ease you into such mornings can really help in setting the precedent for a peaceful and productive day. So, here are the ten best songs to wake up to in autumn, which will ensure that you are recharged for the day, as well as make you really feel the wistfulness, transience and tenderness that saturate autumn air.

1. Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

Sweater Weather
Listen to it here.

The title of this song makes it almost impossible to exclude from any autumn playlist. While it may feel cliché, the energetic tempo and beat of this song are great to wake up to. Moreover, the song has a bittersweet aura, with the lyrics being raw and sensual, making it perfect for autumn. So you’ll love waking up to this song and sipping on freshly brewed coffee because it will remind you of the sombre sweetness of fall.

2. Butterfly by BTS

Listen to it here.

While this song captures the desire to freeze a moment in time, it does so while acknowledging the impossibility of such a desire. It speaks of change, the transience of life and love, and fears of letting go by using the butterfly as a symbol. All these themes are reminiscent of fall, and therefore this song is a beautiful reminder of the same. The soft vocals and music make it a perfect song to wake up to and feel rejuvenated.

3. Ramble On by Led Zeppelin

Ramble On
Listen to it here.

This song has an easy vibe, which makes it great to wake up to. Plus, the theme of movement emphasized in the song, influenced by Frodo’s quest in Lord of the Rings is evocative of the constant movement and change that autumn characterizes. The falling leaves and autumn moon conjures up images of the season and emphasizes change as the only constant. Listen to this song to get your spirits up and ‘ramble on’ through your day.

4. September by Earth, Wind and Fire

Listen to it here.

Rather than focusing on the bleak, this disco-funk jam from 1978 reminds you of the romance and fun which also colour the atmosphere during this weather. The entertaining chorus, dancing and upbeat tempo make this song great to wake up to, and the mentions of dancing in September and stars bring back happy autumn memories. Wake up in the morning dancing to this song, and you are bound to have an energetic and positivity-filled day.

5. Begin Again by Taylor Swift

Begin Again
Listen to it here.

This song’s message of growth, revival and new beginnings, all of which are ushered in by autumn, reminds you to let go of past baggage and begin afresh. The song, just like this season, is tentative, hopeful and sweet and Taylor Swift’s voice is like honey to your ears when you wake up in the morning. This is the kind of song that makes you want to wake up and then snuggle right back into your covers with a cup of warm tea.

6. Let Her Go by Passenger

Let Her Go
Listen to it here.

This song is definitely easy listening for the mornings, and its depiction of how change allows us to appreciate all that truly matters is perfectly suited for the fall. Autumn is a season that denotes change; this short duration of lovely weather is soon followed by bitter cold, and this change alone makes us cherish this sweater weather. Therefore, wake up to the soothing vocals of this song and spend some time on being mindful and appreciate things that really matter to you.

7. Puff, The Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary

Puff, The Magic Dragon
Listen to it here.

Take a trip down memory lane while listening to this ageless track about the loss of innocence and growing up, and how the magic of childhood inevitably comes to an abrupt end. Not only does the nostalgic and wistful tone of the song ring of autumn, but the simplicity of it also makes for a great easy listening experience in the morning.

8. Leaves That Are Green by Simon and Garfunkel

Leaves That Are Green
Listen to it here.

The cheery tune combined with the melancholic lyrics perfectly showcases the paradox of autumn, where the pleasant weather and orange leaves are always juxtaposed with more sombre elements of decay, change and passage of time. This song is fun to wake up to and makes you contemplate; it is one of those songs you should listen to with a cup of tea on a crisp autumn morning.

9. Can’t Stop The Feeling! By Justin Timberlake

Can't Stop The Feeling!
Listen to it here.

The energy of this song will make you want to wake up dancing, and when the song mentions the magic in the air you are automatically reminded of that special something that constitutes autumn. This song will remind you of all the good things about autumn – the sunshine filtering through orange leaves, cinnamon and apples, the wonderful chill in the air, and warm blankets – and leave you feeling happy, warm and fuzzy in the morning.

10. Chiquitita by ABBA

Listen to it here.

This song is like a balm for a broken heart, and has a blend of sadness, healing and finding joy, which makes it perfect for fall mornings. Plus, the vocals are extremely soothing, and the positivity of the song will make you feel capable of dealing with whatever life throws in your way. Wake up to this song to feel empowered and healed, and take on life and all its challenges in your stride.


Listen to these songs to ease into the changing weather and adjust to the moods it brings with itself. Hopefully, these songs will bring autumn into your playlist and help you wake up to the beauty, transience and hope that defines this season.


What are some old songs about autumn?

While some of them are mentioned in the list above, some of the best old songs about autumn have been sung by Eva Cassidy, Rod Stewart, Van Morrison etc, so be sure to check them out as well.

What are some autumn songs playlists?

Spotify as well as Youtube have several autumn/ fall vibes playlists that you could listen to.

What is the best song to wake up to?

While this list is a good place to begin, you should customize your wake-up playlist in accordance with your own preferences, as well as how you like to be woken up. Choose the tone and tempo of your songs in accordance with your mood and energy level in the morning, so that waking up can become a pleasant experience.

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