Best Electric Winter Blankets on Amazon

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Invented in the early 1900s, electric blankets seemed like a really good idea in the beginning of the 20th century. They slowly went out of vogue in the 1980s, because of safety hazards caused due to electromagnetic fields within these blankets and improper means of wiring them. But, with the technology now available to make them safer and maximized for comfort, they are starting to get preference over normal blankets. The only real threat for using one of these now are mild burns caused due to overheating (given that you haven’t read the instruction manual) and to diabetic patients that are highly prone to injuries. It is valid to say that if used properly, they would provide you with a warm refuge for your winters, perhaps one warmer than your current blanket. We have selected a few of the top blankets available on Amazon, with bestsellers and amazon choices under the belt.

The article is sorted into categories based on the kind of material used in the blankets. While some may be a mix of one or more blankets, others may not. Readers are advised to select according to their choice of material.

We start off with blankets made of fleece and flannel, move on to sherpa, polyester and eventually also talks about cotton electric blankets.

Flannel or fleece blankets

These kind are most commonly used during winters and preferred over other materials due to their innate insulating properties. They usually have either fleece or flannel material or a bit of both. Flannel is made from either wool, cotton, or synthetic fibre while fleece is made from polyester. Both materials have a certain percentage of their parent materials and mixed with other fabrics.

Top bestsellers in this category include two blankets, both from the BEDSURE store:

A much needed blanket for winters, it has a mix of flannel and fleece and temperatures alternating from 104°F in 35 minutes, up to 113°F at a heating level of 6. It is also budget friendly, as it saves at most 90% a year on heating bills. It also comes with an easy to use handled controller and follows safety standards with an inbuilt protection mechanism.


This blanket is similar to the one mentioned above but is ribbed and has slightly higher ratings (solid flannel blanket is rated a 4.4 while ribbed blanket is 4.5 on 5). Both blankets are available in a range of colours: brown, dark grey, light grey, navy blue, blue, beige, dark green, black and red and a variety of sizes: twin, full, king, queen and throw. Both can be machine washed and are considered a good investment for your winters.

Another top selling flannel electric blanket, by TEFICI

This one has high ratings for softness and comfort and also an overall rating of 4.4 on 5. It has three heat settings with an easy to use controller and a double layered flannel material that leads to comfort. The blanket is easy to wash and has other varieties available.

Sherpa electric blankets

Sherpa is a curly piled fabric structure made of synthetic yarns like acrylic or polyester, with a soft and fluffy texture. Those searching for comfort should ideally opt for this material.

Made of flannel and sherpa this Sealy blanket is Amazon’s choice for you.

Although slightly pricy compared to the other two blankets, unlike the other two, it is rated 5 on 5 for comfort.

It has 10 heat levels available and a five year warranty. In addition to this, the blanket is reversible i.e. both sides can be used along with a wider range of temperatures (87-126°F). Overall, it is rated a 4.5 on 5.

This blanket is rated a 4.7 on 5 and is Amazon’s choice for you. A mix of sherpa and fleece, it also has dense microfibres integrated into it and is available in various sizes. It has more than nine colour options, is anti – static and anti – pil.

Polyester electric blankets

As a material, polyester gets tagged with a bad name because it is made up of plastic microfibres but no one denies how useful and affordable these are. Polyester is a good insulator, and in fact, fleece, another material also made from polyester, gives warmth similar to that of woollen clothes.

Here are top two polyester electric blankets that stood out the most:

Sunbeam offers a lot of variety in their heated blankets range and the ‘royal luxe’ seems to hit the mark in terms of softness, affordability and look. It might not offer much temperature control, but has a fair level of comfort (based on ratings). The newer version has four dials for temperature (as compared to the three before). It is rated an overall 4.4 on 5.

We would advise you not to get thrown off by the higher price range for these blankets, as Biddeford has been in the blanket making business for quite a few decades. It is a trusted brand that offers quality products and has the least poor customer reviews. The comfort knit is easy to use, soft, lightweight and can be machine washed. In addition to this, they use thin wiring that makes it more comfortable. A worthy investment judging its durability.


Cotton electric blankets

Cotton blankets are soft and good for people with allergies, they have anti-allergenic properties and breathable fabrics. They also hold up well when repeatedly washed.

Rated a solid overall score of 4.5 on 5, this cotton electric blanket has five settings for heat levels and also a six feet power cord that can be detached so that you can use it as a normal blanket. The blanket is practical, minimal and affordable. It also has an astounding 5 on 5 rating for even heating, which means that you won’t have to worry about curling away from unheated edges. It is also lightweight and can be machine washed.


Another blanket that caught our attention happens to be a mix of cotton and flannel. These have longer and denser heating wires, giving more warmth. It can also be machine washed, like all of the other blankets mentioned here and does not shed fibre, no matter how many times you wash it. It is highly rated for being lightweight, which is a pleasant surprise since it has thicker wires. It has button on designs, which allow a person to carry it to office or use at home since it does not slip and fits better. It has good reviews and has been rated an overall 4.4 on 5.

Selecting blankets for winter that are easy on your budget and durable can prove to be quite the task, especially because there are so many options. We hope that this list can help you save time on searching for blankets and instead, help you sleep more.


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