Demystifying Sleep and Sleep Science with People Who Sleep

Poeple Who Sleep

The relationship of the human body with sleep is an inherently complicated one. It is intertwined in ways that are hard to comprehend and a multitude of us experience sleep with a mind as fickle as the London weather.

To help us untangle this relationship and learn the art of centering ourselves, we have the editor-in-chief of People Who Sleep – Michelle Randall, as the next expert on Pillow Talks!

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Finding Your Perfect Sleep Pillow with The White Willow

They say that your pillow has seen your worst days. Our pillow is a very personal appliance, the relevance of which is often overlooked. Different people have different sleeping habits but one habit that is common among us is that of using the pillow, although exceptions are always there. A proper pillow is as important to our sleep as it is to our physiology.

Our next sleep expert are the folks from The White Willow.

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Understanding Sleeping Disorders with SleepWerx

Terry Penner from Sleepwerx

When one talks about sleeping disorder they usually refer to the lack of proper sleep due to a myriad of reasons. What we often ignore is that there are a lot of other sleeping disorders, which are due to lifestyle and other similar causes, to which we are ignorant.

Sleeping is a pervasive activity, something which involves an all-round healthy existence. We shouldn’t ignore signs of any sort of sleeping disorders which we may encounter and be aware of our needs and wants when it comes to ensuring a healthy sleep pattern.

Our next influencer is Terry Penner from Sleepwerx.

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Sleeping Skills and Paediatric Sleep Issues with Kristen Deaton

Sleep Solutions Tn

Healthy sleep habits make healthy children. These are the words of our next influencer who is helping exhausted parents teach their children healthy sleeping habits. For new parents, it is a mammoth task to ensure that their young ones are getting ample sleep. If the children of the house are not getting enough sleep, the adults ultimately also become sleep deprived.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for the parents to inculcate healthy sleeping habits in their young ones so that they can enjoy their days and nights without having to worry about a cranky or fussy child.

Our next influencer is Kristen from Kristen Faith Sleep Solutions.

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Parenting and Sleep Schedules with Cara Treadwell

The Sleep Method

Parenthood is one of the most confusing, rewarding and tiring times for people. However new parents have to deal with the most arduous tasks of putting their young ones to sleep, and everyone knows that that is no easy task. Parents must ensure that their children get sound sleep but at the same time, they also have to take care of their own sleep as well.

Our next expert is Cara Treadwell from The Sleep Method.

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Understanding Sleep Apnea with Bleep Sleep

Stuart - Bleep Sleep

Sleep Apnea is a common nighttime sleeping disorder that affects more than a million people across the globe. It affects men and women of all ages. There are even cases of some children suffering from Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is a disorder in which pauses in breathing occur during sleep. These pauses are followed by loud snoring, snorting or choking when the breathing resumes. People suffering from Sleep Apnea may have lethargic days and excessive daytime sleepiness. They may feel tired and can have hearing and vision problems. Usually, males run a greater risk of suffering from Sleep Apnea as compared to females. However, it is a curable problem that can be countered.

Our next sleep expert is Bleep Sleep.

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