Pandemic Within The Pandemic: Lockdown Sleep Syndrome

Living in Lockdown: The Lockdown Sleep Syndrome

I don’t know if this comes as news to you, but it sure did for me – the Lockdown Sleep Syndrome has now been institutionally recognised by being mentioned in the Consensus guidelines of the Indian Sleep Disorders Association and the Journal of the International Society of eHealth and Telemedicine.

COVID-19 came as that outswinger no one saw coming, a fast-paced counter-attack no could predict. As we bend towards March, starting from the lockdown all around the world, a whole year of our lives has been around COVID-19 now, officially.

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The Weird and Mesmerizing World of Lucid Dream Music

Lucid Dream Music

A lucid dream is a type of dream in which the dreamer becomes aware of the fact that they are dreaming. In this state, dreams feel vivid and real. These dreams may also grant the dreamer control of how their dream plays out.


Lucid dreams are most likely to occur during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of the sleep cycle, this stage is marked by deep sleep, random eye movements, faster breathing and increased brain activity.

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The Best Autumn Songs To Wake Up To

Aurumn Songs

When the weather turns crisp and your blankets start feeling cosier, and you have this overwhelming urge to add cinnamon to all your food, you know that autumn is here. With sunlight filtering through orange leaves and wind making dried leaves rustle, autumn ushers in the sweater weather mood as well. An effervescent blend of joy, nostalgia and warmth, this mood tends to trickle into our food, fashion, body language, as well as our playlists.

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69 Movies To Watch Before Going To Bed

Sleep Movies

We all know that for sound REM sleep, we need to put away our devices at least 30 minutes prior to our bedtime. However, on certain days, especially after hectic work hours, you want to simply shut your brain down and watch something wholesome and soothing that will lull you into sleep.

Plus, watching a film before sleeping can act as a deterrent against certain negative habits like over-thinking and toxic thoughts, ensuring that your mind finally goes to rest on a stressful day with some pleasant ideas and thoughts in the background.

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Exploring Your Dreamland – What Your Dreams Might Mean

Exploring Dreamland

After an aeon of research and experiments, blood, sweat and tears of wracking their brains, scientists are still clueless as to why we dream, let alone sleep. Neuroscientists and psychologists are at each others’ throats throwing around theories but with no definitive answers. Although, they have managed to nail down what some types of these dreams could mean and thankfully these are pretty common with a majority of folks. Although they have different theories, they still seem to agree when it comes to these.

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22 Movies That Explore The World of Sleep

Sleep Movies

In the past few months, the whole world has been confined to their homes. With nothing else to do, the favourite pass time for most people is eating, sleeping, or watching movies. I have been especially dependent on movies for my entertainment. I finally got the time to watch all the movies on my wishlist.

Having watched so many movies, I noticed that movies have been made on all possible subjects. They say art imitates life and I found it true for the most part. There is a cinematic representation for everything we as humans experience, be it happiness, sorrow, friendship, love, loss. Everything has a movie made on it!

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