How Much Do Various Famous Personalities Sleep – The Likes of Bill Gates, Napoleon, Albert Einstein

I’m fascinated by successful people and their relationship with sleep.

Many of us have been led to believe that successful people sacrifice their sleep. That they skip rest hours for output.

The celebrity example that comes to mind is Elon Musk. Musk has claimed many times that he works off 4-5 hours of sleep a night.

This isn’t the most insane statement in a vacuum. I’m sure a low achiever or someone who completes the bare minimum at work can work with such little sleep.

But this isn’t an everyday person.

Musk runs Tesla, SpaceX and now owns and operates one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

How can he juggle so many things at once with so few hours of rest?

Well, it begs the question… is this true? Is it normal? Or do other high achievers value their sleepers and are they tremendous sleepers?

I won’t be able to answer the first question (unless Elon starts posting his weekly sleep stats).

However, I am curious to dive deeper to learn about other high achievers and how they sleep.

My contention is that sleep acts as a competitive advantage for high achievers. It’s an element of their lives that separates them from everyone else.

Here’s a list.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison, like Musk, claimed that he did not sleep much; 4 hours or so to be exact.

He believed sleep was a waste of time. But this doesn’t paint a true picture. Edison’s brilliance manifested from his sleep habits.

One of Edison’s assistants claimed:

“His genius for sleep equaled his genius for invention. He could go to sleep anywhere, anytime, on anything”

And not to call Edison a liar, but he forgot to mention that while he may have only ‘slept’ 4 hours a night, he napped 6 hours a day.

This was likely to elevate his creativity. Researchers have suggested that humans have a brief period of creativity and insight in the semi-lucid state that occurs just before we drift into sleep.

Apparently, Edison napped while holding a ball in each hand. As he fell asleep, the orbs would fall to the floor and wake him up.

This way he could remember the thoughts that come to him as he was nodding off, which we often forget.

So there you have it. For one of the greatest inventors in history, sleep was a massive factor in Edison’s success and life.


Napoleon famously said:

Six hours’ sleep for a man, seven for a woman, and eight for a fool.

Yet, those close to Napoleon claimed he understood the importance of sleep. Especially its benefits in providing clarity for decision-making and wartime strategy.

Napoleon also stated:

“My mind is a chest of drawers. When I wish to deal with a subject, I shut all the drawers but the one in which the subject is to be found. When I am wearied, I shut all the drawers and go to sleep.”

Albert Einstein

Einstein was a huge sleeper. He used to get 10 hours of sleep every single night plus took daytime naps to spark creativity.

Einstein held onto a spoon or pencil when he napped so he would hear the sound when he dropped it after falling asleep.

Sounds familiar?

LeBron James

“There’s no better recovery than sleep” – LeBron James

LeBron James is arguably the greatest basketball player ever of all time largely due to the longevity of his career. He has been at an elite level for so long, and one of the key reasons for this is LeBron’s sleep routine.

“For my 13-year career, I’ve taken a nap for the most part every day,” Lebron told CBS Sports.

“Sleep is the most important thing when it comes to recovery.

As they say, stats don’t lie. Will Ahmed, CEO of Whoop, “If you showed me a bunch of sleep data, I could probably point to LeBron’s. He’s such an amazing sleeper.”

The best-ever athletes, the world’s best physicists & inventors all value their sleep as important to their success… the list goes on…

Bill Gates

Bill Gates used to be “that guy” who bragged about the lack of sleep he was getting.

He openly admitted to competing with his peers to see who got the least rest. He believed that sleep was lazy and unnecessary.

It wasn’t until Bill Gates’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s did he start to understand the importance of sleep.

“One of the strongest things to emerge in [the Alzheimer’s] area is the importance of good sleep,” Gates said.

“It’s one of the most predictive factors of any dementia, whether you’re getting good sleep. Gates now sleeps a minimum of seven hours per night and said he checks his sleep scores regularly.


As we journey through the lives of these legendary figures, one truth stands out. Sleep isn’t just a routine, it’s a secret weapon.

From Edison’s power naps to Lebron’s marathon rest sessions, the importance of sleep in their success is undeniable.

There’s a notion in today’s fast-paced world that sleeping less is a badge of honor.

Yet, upon reflection, almost every successful individual leverages sleep as a cornerstone to their mental and physical well-being.

Their stories dismantle the myth of ‘sleep when you’re dead’. The figures discussed in this article acknowledge the profound affect a consistent sleep routine has had on their lives.

For the younger generation (like myself), the stakes are even higher.

Sleep Medicine Research emphasizes that 8-10 hours of sleep per night during teenage years isn’t just beneficial. It’s essential for optimal intellectual growth, mental health, and memory.

So there you have it. The road to success isn’t paved with sleepless nights. But with the understanding that a good night’s rest can have a significant impact on your ability to think, perform, and execute.

A guest post by Jim Bazzani of Cozo Sleep.

All You Need To Know About Glow Lights


Keeping the lights on at night and getting quality sleep at the same time seems like a paradox. Your bedroom lights may help keep the nightmares and the monsters under your bed at bay, but it’s practically impossible to sleep under their harsh glare!

However, we can tweak the idea a little bit to offer you an alternate solution to this problem- glow lights. Soft, dim and pleasing to the eyes, glow-lights help create the perfect night atmosphere in your room.They come with a variety of benefits that add to your bedroom’s aura.

Quality Sleep

As highlighted above, glow lights create the perfect ambience at night, in your room, which is optimal for falling asleep in. This results in you achieving refreshing and good quality sleep. The lights help your body ready itself for sleep by cueing it for bed.


 Glow lights are typically very small (sizes may vary by a few inches from brand to brand) and hence do not take up much space in your room. They are easy to store and maintain as well.


Glow lights come in soft colours that allow you to wind down and relax as your day nears its end. It serves the purpose of a reading light as well, allowing people to read and others to sleep simultaneously!

Waking up

 This handy gadget does not just help you sleep- it helps you wake up as well! The lights have the ability to dim and adjust according to the surroundings. They gradually dim while you doze off. In the morning, you wake up to a gentle, warm light that does not hurt your eyes.

Move around at night

If you’re a habitual midnight snacker, glow lights will help you navigate your room at night while you grab that midnight snack! You do not need to wake up anyone else as well by switching on your bedroom lights.

Glow light users have commented on the improvement these lights have had on their sleep. The changes seen were slow, but permanent. They helped people wake up on time, catch refreshing and fulfilling sleep, and avoid waking up all groggy and tired. 

Several glow lights come with alarms as well, which help ensure that you wake up on time to have a productive day. 

The market for glow lights is far from homogeneous. Glow lights come with a variety of features to make your life simpler. Below, we have handpicked a selection of glow lights that come with unique features to enhance not just your sleep, but your lifestyle as well!


MAZ-TEK Plug in Night Light

The MAZ-TEK night lights are simple, sleek and functional. They come in a pack of 6, costing just 10$ for the entire pack!- making them very economical and suitable for household needs.

Several other pros of these lights include the fact that they are energy efficient, self-dimming (you need do not need to get out of bed to switch them off!) and has the perfect level of brightness to suit your vision as well as your sleep. Since these lights are energy efficient, they utilise minimum energy and ensure that they do not impose on your monthly electricity bills- hence helping you save money as well as the environment.


myCozyLite LED Night Light

Theis night light is compact and cute. It comes in a pack containing two lights with the dimensions 2.24″D x 2.24″W x 0.91″H. This pack of 2 costs 12.99$ only.

These tiny lights help block up to 99.95% of blue lights in the spectrum,helping protect your eyes from harsh lights that hamper your ability to fall asleep quickly. Additionally, these lights are very easy to install. You can plug them in at any location you want- which makes them extremely travel friendly as well! They come in a variety of colours- red, blue, purple and amber. Amber is our recommended choice!


Honeywell Wireless Touch LED Lights

These wireless portable LED lights are as good as night lights can get. They are lightweight and easy to carry and transfer around. They are touch activated and emit a very soft and warm glow!

For some extra oomph (that none of the other night lights listed above provide) it changes color as well. With ease of use as well as aesthetics, this light is definitely going to add to your room. And lastly, you get all of these benefits for just $9.99.


TREATLIFE Smart Night Light

For the tech-lovers, this ultra smart night light is definitely a find you cannot miss! This night lamp is compatible with alexa and google home, completely automated and very easy to operate, even from the comfort of your bed. 

To make matters even better, this lamp is completely baby safe and has the most pleasing dim glow that is comfortable for the eyesights of people of all ages. 

This is an ideal buy for new parents, since the voice-activation feature helps free up your hands while you are taking care of your newborn. This light also has an inbuilt biorhythm function that allows toddlers and children to develop a healthy sleep routine early on. Additionally, this light comes with- believe it or not, 16 million colours! – ensuring that your room is always engulfed in the glow of pretty colours you may not even have encountered yet. 


G-Keni Nursery Night Light

The above lamp is definitely a godsend for new parents, however if you wish to explore more child-friendly glow lights, the G-Keni Nursery Night Light is an excellent choice. This light is made of top quality PP and ABS to create a safe and healthy environment for children. The light is soft and not harsh on the eyes. Convenience of use is ensured in additional features this light comes with, like portability, USB charging option and its cordless structure.

Although this lamp is a little pricier than the other ones we have explored in this article, it definitely is good as a long term investment and pays for itself through its many useful functions.



Sleepwear From Amazon Guaranteed to Keep You Toasty Warm This Winter


Winters are the bane of everyone’s existence. Keeping the cold away-not to mention, being productive- is a mini battle in itself! Your bed turns out to be the most inviting place during the winter, with all the fluffy, warm, blankets and hot water bottles. Well, there is another companion you should consider investing in during this winter- your winter sleep wear. has variety of options to choose from. To help make your life a little easier, we’ve compiled and reviewed our top picks below; which we feel are sure will turn out to be your go-to sleep wear, this winter and the next!

Fleece Pyjamas (59$)

Fleece is the best for all winter clothes- whether it be jackets, hoodies, or socks. There’s no reason why shouldn’t opt for fleece in your sleep wear as well. These pyjamas are soft as a cloud, and the thick lining of fleece is guaranteed to lock in the warmth, while keeping you cosy at the same time.

They are available in a variety of colors. The turtleneck adds an extra touch to the overall look, as well as the functionality of the sleepwear.

Fleece Bathrobe (38.99 $)

Good news for the robe-lovers- there is no reason you should ditch your cotton robes for the winter! These fleece robes are the ideal winter choice. The robes are ankle-length and thick enough to keep you warm. Brownie-points for the lower price as compared to the fleece pyjamas- those who do not wish to spend on pyjamas can opt for this instead.

Fleece Onesie ($28.99 – $35.98$35.98)

Onesies have been making a comeback, and this fleece onesie is definitely here to stay! This onesie comes with a hoodie, ensuring that your ears and head stay protected from the cold while you sleep as well. This definitely gives the onesie an edge over the other options we have explored. The zipper will also make your life easier- getting in and out of the onesie is much easier with this zipper. There are a variety of colour options available as well- to customize the onesie to your taste.

Knit Sleepwear (31.99 $)

Knit clothes are everyone’s first choice for winters. This knit sleepwear set (consisting of joggers and a v-neck) is warm and very simple in style. The extra-thickness at the cuffs and the waist of the joggers is a nice touch that will aid the set in keeping you warm. The set is 95% polyester, and 5% spandex, and will hence be stretchable as well if you are unsure of the size you should buy.

This set is the most budget friendly, and utilitarian of all the options.

Cotton PJs (30$)

Cotton PJs are a classic all year round! They are the definitely the most popular among PJs as well, and guaranteed to keep anyone comfortable. For the lighter, less-cold winters, cotton PJs are the ideal choice. However, for very low-temperatures, these may not be sufficient in keeping you warm at night, unless paired with sweaters and other winter-wear.

If you wish to invest in a pair you can use all-year-round, or you live in an area with less severe cold weather, then these PJs are a must buy.  They come in variety of designs and colours, and flannel PJs are a winter classic, straight out of the 1950s British movies and novels!

Although the winter comes with a lot of cold-weather, and misery, these sleepwear options will definitely boost your comfort levels during the winter, and will help you sleep better as well. Purchasing the optimal choice is a must, and we have compiled this list consisting of diverse options to help you in your winter shopping.


Featured Image by Victoria_Watercolor on Pixabay

Best Selling Teas in India to Help You Sleep Better


Getting a night of the perfect, restful sleep often turns out to be quite elusive. No matter how well you make your bed, how optimal you keep the temperature of your AC, or how fluffy your pillows, sometimes you just cannot get yourself to fall asleep. Well, we have the perfect antidote for your sleepless nights- sleep teas.

Teas are a huge part of many cultures and cuisines, a common sight during breakfast and tea time. However, certain teas, when added to your pre-bedtime routine, can help enhance the quality of your sleep greatly.

Tulsi tea

Leaves of the Tulsi plant are used as a remedy quite frequently for common maladies. These leaves can also be used in teas- freshly or dried. Tulsi leaf teas are a rich source of antioxidants that provide the added benefit of acting as an antidepressant. They help reduce stress levels, and sooth and calm your body. They are the perfect choice of tea to drink before bedtime, as they will help you slip into a deep slumber.

The Organic India Tulsi tea comes in a pack of 25 tea bags. They are immunity boosters as well, and are affordably priced (Rs 161 for a pack).

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a useful ingredient in tonics for several illnesses- ulcers, wounds, menstrual cramps, muscle inflammation and more. One among these is insomnia! Chamomile’s soothing effects help lull the drinker to sleep. A cup of chamomile tea doesn’t just help you fall asleep; it helps achieve good quality sleep which results in you waking up feeling refreshed.

The Teabox chamomile tea bags also come in packs of 25. They are pricier than Tulsi teas, costing Rs. 253 per box. Buyers can however be assured that they will get their money’s worth, since these teas are sources from the Himalayas and the producers export to many countries.

Spiced Apple Tea

We’ve all heard of the phrase- “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This spiced apple tea isn’t scientifically proven to keep doctors away, however, it does do wonders for your sleep! This is regular tea revamped with the sweet tartness of apple. It is a must try product for those who wish to try something new and different.

The Karma Kettle “Spiced Apple Roiboos” tea comes in a box with 20 tea-bags. It is definitely more expensive than the other options we have explored in this article, priced at Rs. 299 per box. It can be prepared as iced tea or a cold brew as well, apart from as a regular hot-tea.

Organic Lavender and Rose Blend

Few things smell better than lavender and rose, and this tea has them both. This brew comes in a tiny glass bottle, promises good sleep and clear skin, in the same package! This tea is made by brewing buds and petals in water. It is proven to enhance relaxation and sleep, and has a positive effect on anxiety as well.

Ausum’s Organics Lavender and Rose Blend tea comes in bottles of 30 grams each, costing Rs. 255 per bottle.

Herbal Valerian Root Tea

Herbal teas are a treasure trove of goodness and nutrients that help your body in a variety of ways. At the end of a long day, sipping a cup of herbal tea is the best way to unwind. This has scientific backing too- herbal teas have been proven to reduce stress, calm down the body and boost brain health, apart from improving the quality of your sleep, of course. Hence, a cup of herbal tea is the perfect addition to your pre-bedtime routine.

The Tea-Trove has come up with this delicious blend of chamomile, lavender, peppermint and valerian root. The flavour of this tea is sweet and punchy at the same time. It comes packed in a bag containing 50 grams of loose leaves, and costs Rs. 355 per box.

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea

Here is another herbal tea you definitely should try – the celestial seasonings herbal tea from Sleepytime. Completely caffeine-free and healthy, this tea should be your new pre-bedtime partner. 

This tea comes in a huge pack of 6 tea bags, liberally priced at Rs. 1258.12 for 20 such packs (containing 6 tea bags each!). To make it better, the packaging is completely sustainable, making this a very low-waste and low-calorie drink for all the environment and health conscious folks out there!

Herbal tea with Chamomile, Lavender & Valerian

We’ve talked about the benefits of herbal, chamomile tea, lavender and valerian tea. Well, guess what?- this tea has got them all! The Pukka Organic Tea Bags, Night Time Herbal Tea with Chamomile, Lavendar & Valerian, combines the flavour and goodness of all the teas mentioned above, helping you tackle a harem of problems – from sleep to skincare- all in one go!

These teas are a bulk purchase of sorts. They come in a pack of three, each box containing 20 tea bags. This pack of three is priced at Rs. 1245.32. 

There are a myriad of things you can do and products you can buy to help you sleep better. But teas are often overlooked. The teas discussed in this article are completely caffeine-free, mostly organic, and do wonders for problems apart from sleep as well (like for your hair and skin). If you have not tried teas yet, we hope this article will compel you to check them out!


Featured Image by  Public Co from Pixabay

Top 10 Electric Flannel Blankets


Flannel is a kind of material made up of wool, cotton or synthetic fibres or a  combination of the three. Great for providing warmth and relief from harsh and chilly winters, we’ve picked out a few of the best flannel blankets just for you. Choose your own style of a winter blanket to indulge in!

 Solid flannel heated blanket (Price: $54.99)

A product offered from a trusted and reliable company BEDSURE, that has been making some of the best electric winter blankets in the market. It has a mix of flannel and fleece and is also known for being budget friendly because it can save you up to 90% on your heating bills. Like most electric blankets, it has a controller that is user friendly. Added to this is an inbuilt safety mechanism that follows standard safety protocols. It has six different temperature dials for heating, ranging from 104℉ to 113℉. It is amongst the top bestsellers on Amazon, with a decent overall rating of 4.5 on 5.

Ribbed flannel heated blanket (Price: $42.49)


This blanket is similar to the one mentioned above but is ribbed and has slightly higher ratings (rated 4.5 on 5). Both blankets are available in a range of colours: brown, dark grey, light grey, navy blue, blue, beige, dark green, black and red and a variety of sizes: twin, full, king, queen and throw. 

Flannel electric blanket (Price: $37.99)


This one has high ratings for softness and comfort and an overall rating of 4.4 on 5. It has three heat settings with an easy-to-use controller and a double-layered flannel material that leads to comfort. It is also easy to wash and has other varieties available.

Dowin electric throw blanket (Price: $34.95)

Dowin offers a range of different pretty colours like garnet, grey, teal, mushroom and navy. It has a double sided flannel covering, which is why it also has a high rating of 4.6 on 5 for softness. It heats up quickly and comes with four heat settings ranging from 95°F to 114°F. The material is breathable and does not get deformed after washing. It also has good reviews with minimal complaints. 

Vicsainteck electric blanket (Price: $75.99)

Another blanket from the Vicsainteck store that caught our eye for its softness and lightweight material. Rated an amazing 4.8 on 5 for softness, it also flaunts a double sided flannel covering. Valued for being multipurpose- can be used at your office and home and upon detaching can also be used as a normal blanket. It has six heating levels and senses overheating so that it automatically shuts off when heated after nine hours. There is also a two year warranty and service after sale, which will get back to your queries within 24 hours. 

Vessia throw blanket (Price: $16.99)

If you’re fond of blankets that can be used comfortably at any corner of your home, you should give this a try. Available in a variety of colours(brown, forest-green, burgundy, dark grey, light blue, mustard yellow, navy blue, pink, white and orange)  and designs (black and white checkers and black and white zebra stripes) they also offer a non-piling, non-shedding, non-wrinkling and non-smelling line up of blankets in their collection. Cozy, convenient and with an overall rating of 4.6 on 5, this blanket is also Amazon’s choice for you. 

 Exclusivo Mezcla throw blanket (Price: $13.99)

Yet another throw blanket that is highly praised in the reviews for its ‘crazy good softness’. Available in an astounding 25 different colours, lightweight, fade resistant and all season, it is also versatile. It can be used as a lounge blanket, a household blanket and also for your pets. It comes in different patterns and you can carry it while you’re out camping, travelling or hiking. The blanket is rated a 4.6 on 5 overall and is also Amazon’s choice for you.

Yescool oversized wearable blanket hoodie (Price: $34.99)

If you’re looking to mix things up a bit and straight up wear your blanket, this one is perfect for you. It has a customizable size range and is available in six colours. A cosy, oversized hoodie that gives you warmth when you use it and also has pockets for extra comfort. The hoodie is long and covers your knees while ending towards your ankles so that it doesn’t get dragged along on the floor. It can have various uses as a casual blanket and can be worn outdoors. This blanket is Amazon’s choice and is rated an astounding 4.8 on 5. It has high ratings for comfort and softness and can be gifted to people on special occasions. 

Sunny Heat heated blanket (Price: $49.99)

Sunny Heat offer a range of versatile, high quality blankets. This one is a best seller on Amazon. It has all the important features like protection from overheating, machine washable, safe and long lasting. It comes in different colours and is valued for its softness according to the ratings and reviews.    

Mermaker tortillas blanket (Price: $24.99)

A funky blanket that is highly recommended by us. It’s also the best selling winter flannel blanket on Amazon, not to mention it has a 4.8 on 5 overall rating. You can buy from their selection of food patterns that includes tortillas, pizza, waffle and cookies. It can be an amusing blanket to gift to your family and friends. It’s lint free and uses high quality flannel fabric. Available in four size and recommended for kids and teenagers, this blanket is sure to be worth the investment.

(P.S. All of the products mentioned above are machine washable and easy to clean.)

We highly recommend buying from the above collection of flannel electric blankets to make your winters cosier and warmer.


Featured Image by negarmk from Pixabay


Best Electric Winter Blankets on Amazon


Invented in the early 1900s, electric blankets seemed like a really good idea in the beginning of the 20th century. They slowly went out of vogue in the 1980s, because of safety hazards caused due to electromagnetic fields within these blankets and improper means of wiring them. But, with the technology now available to make them safer and maximized for comfort, they are starting to get preference over normal blankets. The only real threat for using one of these now are mild burns caused due to overheating (given that you haven’t read the instruction manual) and to diabetic patients that are highly prone to injuries. It is valid to say that if used properly, they would provide you with a warm refuge for your winters, perhaps one warmer than your current blanket. We have selected a few of the top blankets available on Amazon, with bestsellers and amazon choices under the belt.

The article is sorted into categories based on the kind of material used in the blankets. While some may be a mix of one or more blankets, others may not. Readers are advised to select according to their choice of material.

We start off with blankets made of fleece and flannel, move on to sherpa, polyester and eventually also talks about cotton electric blankets.

Flannel or fleece blankets

These kind are most commonly used during winters and preferred over other materials due to their innate insulating properties. They usually have either fleece or flannel material or a bit of both. Flannel is made from either wool, cotton, or synthetic fibre while fleece is made from polyester. Both materials have a certain percentage of their parent materials and mixed with other fabrics.

Top bestsellers in this category include two blankets, both from the BEDSURE store:

A much needed blanket for winters, it has a mix of flannel and fleece and temperatures alternating from 104°F in 35 minutes, up to 113°F at a heating level of 6. It is also budget friendly, as it saves at most 90% a year on heating bills. It also comes with an easy to use handled controller and follows safety standards with an inbuilt protection mechanism.


This blanket is similar to the one mentioned above but is ribbed and has slightly higher ratings (solid flannel blanket is rated a 4.4 while ribbed blanket is 4.5 on 5). Both blankets are available in a range of colours: brown, dark grey, light grey, navy blue, blue, beige, dark green, black and red and a variety of sizes: twin, full, king, queen and throw. Both can be machine washed and are considered a good investment for your winters.

Another top selling flannel electric blanket, by TEFICI

This one has high ratings for softness and comfort and also an overall rating of 4.4 on 5. It has three heat settings with an easy to use controller and a double layered flannel material that leads to comfort. The blanket is easy to wash and has other varieties available.

Sherpa electric blankets

Sherpa is a curly piled fabric structure made of synthetic yarns like acrylic or polyester, with a soft and fluffy texture. Those searching for comfort should ideally opt for this material.

Made of flannel and sherpa this Sealy blanket is Amazon’s choice for you.

Although slightly pricy compared to the other two blankets, unlike the other two, it is rated 5 on 5 for comfort.

It has 10 heat levels available and a five year warranty. In addition to this, the blanket is reversible i.e. both sides can be used along with a wider range of temperatures (87-126°F). Overall, it is rated a 4.5 on 5.

This blanket is rated a 4.7 on 5 and is Amazon’s choice for you. A mix of sherpa and fleece, it also has dense microfibres integrated into it and is available in various sizes. It has more than nine colour options, is anti – static and anti – pil.

Polyester electric blankets

As a material, polyester gets tagged with a bad name because it is made up of plastic microfibres but no one denies how useful and affordable these are. Polyester is a good insulator, and in fact, fleece, another material also made from polyester, gives warmth similar to that of woollen clothes.

Here are top two polyester electric blankets that stood out the most:

Sunbeam offers a lot of variety in their heated blankets range and the ‘royal luxe’ seems to hit the mark in terms of softness, affordability and look. It might not offer much temperature control, but has a fair level of comfort (based on ratings). The newer version has four dials for temperature (as compared to the three before). It is rated an overall 4.4 on 5.

We would advise you not to get thrown off by the higher price range for these blankets, as Biddeford has been in the blanket making business for quite a few decades. It is a trusted brand that offers quality products and has the least poor customer reviews. The comfort knit is easy to use, soft, lightweight and can be machine washed. In addition to this, they use thin wiring that makes it more comfortable. A worthy investment judging its durability.


Cotton electric blankets

Cotton blankets are soft and good for people with allergies, they have anti-allergenic properties and breathable fabrics. They also hold up well when repeatedly washed.

Rated a solid overall score of 4.5 on 5, this cotton electric blanket has five settings for heat levels and also a six feet power cord that can be detached so that you can use it as a normal blanket. The blanket is practical, minimal and affordable. It also has an astounding 5 on 5 rating for even heating, which means that you won’t have to worry about curling away from unheated edges. It is also lightweight and can be machine washed.


Another blanket that caught our attention happens to be a mix of cotton and flannel. These have longer and denser heating wires, giving more warmth. It can also be machine washed, like all of the other blankets mentioned here and does not shed fibre, no matter how many times you wash it. It is highly rated for being lightweight, which is a pleasant surprise since it has thicker wires. It has button on designs, which allow a person to carry it to office or use at home since it does not slip and fits better. It has good reviews and has been rated an overall 4.4 on 5.

Selecting blankets for winter that are easy on your budget and durable can prove to be quite the task, especially because there are so many options. We hope that this list can help you save time on searching for blankets and instead, help you sleep more.


Featured Image by Katrina_S on Pixabay