Two Sided Reviews and an Endless Journal

Welcome to The Two Sided!

You have landed on this domain hoping to find something you were looking for. Or maybe, someone just deftly lured you here. You clearly know what it’s like when a friend tells you that there’s a huge end of the season sale happening in a part of your town. Both of you head there hoping to return back with some good stuff. On the contrary, you find out that they were getting rid of the low-quality stock which never got sold and is badly outdated. That’s pretty two sided indeed.

two sided


So, without further ado, let’s cut to the chase. This website is pretty straightforward and lives up to its name. You can find product reviews from two sided perspectives. Much confusion? Then, let me make it simple for you to comprehend. Let’s look at that image again. Some of you would not really mind getting the pair of shoes with those tiny pores. If you went there in the first place, you would have known beforehand that the products on sale would be old stock. So what? You still get the pair at a real bargain. But, that’s only one side of the story. The pairs of shoes on the other side, by contrast, are supposed to meet the expectations for some people. Likewise, we believe that there should be two sides for every story to be complete. Now, that accurately describes our purpose.



What are two sided reviews?

A wise man once said: A picture is worth a thousand words. So, give me a quick break, I just need to flex my fingers.

Okay, I realized I can’t draw very well. So, here we go. Suppose you are looking for a product X on an e-commerce website. There would be many user reviews and ratings for X. After a bit of reading, you decide to stop trusting what the users know and search for detailed reviews written by experts. And after a while, you are either in the process of reading more reviews about product X or move on to a similar product, Y. There’s a big chance that you’d be frustrated or disappointed because you could not analyze the product and decide whether to buy it or not. We’ve all been there.

Personally, I would read 3-6 reviews about a relatively new product which is unknown to me. Customers are becoming hugely dependant on online reviews. However, a survey shows that currently, customers tend to read a lesser number of reviews than before to make decisions.



Why is there a decline? The answer is simple. People are just tired of reading too many reviews in similar formats. Most reviews you can find on the internet are based on the conventional manner. They list the pros and cons of product X and show you how the former outweighs the latter or the other way around. Some of them are created with a title that goes like, “<insert random number here> Reasons Why You Should Buy X” or “Why X Sucks and You Should Try Alternatives Y or Z“. These reviews are easily compelling but can cause confusion.

This is where the two sided reviews come into effect. Alright, let’s go with the same product X. The Critic glorifies X in one review. At the end of the review, there is only one direct opinion – buy X. On the other side, The Critic humiliates X. You know what needs to be done – ignore X and move on. Our primary intention is to help you make the best decision.

Still doesn’t seem easy for you? It will be, shortly.


Who is The Critic?

You might have already noticed it when you came into the website for the first time. The Two Sided is split into two (duh) – The Light Side and The Dark side (no Star Wars pun intended). The Light Side is the dimension where The Critic exists to observe only the good attributes. The Dark Side is without a doubt the parallel dimension where The Critic coexists and seeks to wreak havoc on everything. Following the requests made by The Critic (or The Critics?), we have decided to preserve the anonymity. There are many possibilities. There might be two critics, three or many; the Critic might be a victim of multiple-personality disorder or The Critic might be on drugs. Maybe not.

We think it’s best to leave the answer to your imagination.

If you’re looking for the journal, missed it and now too lazy to scroll back up, this shortcut will help.

Now, it’s time for you to choose a side – The Light Side or The Dark Side