Early Birds vs Night Owls – Who Has It Better?

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The Sun and The Moon

One of the most essential components of sleeping is the very act of ‘waking up’. Most of us are either early birds or night owls and so, it can be said that while some may be awake at certain hours, others may be asleep during those same hours. Let us look at what things are there to evaluate, witness and appreciate during these specific hours of wakefulness so that we can choose better what suits us.

And if nothing, bringing to light, the magic of these phases which may make you just a little more aware and observant about your own surroundings. Here are some things I feel I really appreciate about being an early bird as well as a night owl.

The Delightful Daylight

It has often been advised by everyone, to almost everyone, to “get up early”. It definitely has its own advantages which have been talked about a lot, especially when it comes to its effect on health and well-being. While none of those can ever be sidelined, let us look at a few other plus points of being an early bird.

I have always found it hard to get up early during winter, but in the summer months, I try to get up and get a glimpse of the sunrise. There are so many things to appreciate about life, nature and oneself during the early morning hours. Try sleeping a little bit early so as to get up before sunrise. You could go for a run, do yoga or just sit in your verandah. It might still be a little dark, but you will never regret the decision to wake up early when you experience the exact moment of sunrise. The glimmering and glistening sun rays, falling right on to the world around you, which had been in the dark so far, renders a feeling which is just inexplicable. One has to experience it to understand it.

You can witness nature rejuvenate with those initial strokes of sunlight breathing life into the environment. It has also been said that early morning sunlight is the most important source of Vitamin-D, so +1 in the health column as well. The transition from light to dark is an amazing phenomenon to witness and you get to experience the best of both worlds.

SUNRISE: Wish to enjoy a spectacular sunrise, sunset? We'll tell you where to go - The Economic Times

Early morning also can provide you with a well-structured atmosphere for exercising. The fresh air and the feel of a new day surely motivate me to run those extra kilometres. It can also provide you with a calm and serene environment. You’re awake while most of the world might still be asleep. You won’t have to deal with other people, try to fit into the chaos of being or even indulge in human interaction.

Hearing the birds chirp, walking on fresh grass, maybe even planning a trek or going to the beach, depending on where you live, of course, are some other fun activities you can do early morning. You can just sit and introspect, get enough time to ponder upon philosophical thoughts or maybe even think about which show to binge on next, there is no restriction, just you and your cup of tea, or coffee, or Gatorade. You do you!

If you’re a person who has pets, this is your time to bond with your furball, without people restricting your movement due to their discomfort with your cute little pet. Go for a walk, let your furball loose in the park. There are no small kids who will antagonize your pet and no one to call the pets, monsters.

Early morning has a lot of advantages. As they say, ‘the early bird catches the worm’, well so do you Early Birds. What I’m talking about is breakfast! Also known as the most important meal of the day. If you end up sleeping in, you may wake up straight at noon ready for lunch but having missed your breakfast. Those omelettes, waffles, juices, jams, and so on will only remain fantasies. While you can have these for other meals, it best when you can start your day with these delicacies. The waffle is your worm.

So do try out the early morning routine so you can enjoy your day with wholesome positive energy because beautiful beginnings mostly lead to beautiful stories!

The Sparkling Starlight

All the night owls here will definitely agree with me when I say that staying up late night transposes you to a whole another universe, new and different. Most of us who stay up late would sideline the phenomenon as either an all-nighter, something forced upon you due to a professional or academic commitment or a sleep issue, ranging from serious insomnia to a simple binge-fest. So, while it may seem that most night walkers are engaged in some work or the other, be it work or entertainment, they might just miss out on the beauty of the night.

You don’t have to even actually hit up clubs to enjoy the kind of nightlife I’m talking about. While you can definitely pull an all-nighter to party with your friends or even enjoy a slumber party, this time can very much also be spent by oneself, and it is just as fun!

A person in a black sky Description automatically generated

One of my favourite things to do is to either sit out on the terrace or go to a nearby park to stargaze. It is pleasantly silent and calm during the wee hours of the night and is an amazing experience. The moonlight falling on the natural surroundings may even help you look at things from a different perspective.

I often end up imagining shapes and figures formed by joining dots of the sparkling star, or even the shadow of trees creates an illusion of mystical creatures. It may make you realize that your fantasies and imagination does not always have to be limited to your dreams.

You could also take some time to yourself, make a cup of tea or even cook something and sit and read a book or listen to music while basking under the magical moonlight. You get to see the world in a whole new light, literally.

Bench in the moonlit park wallpaper | Moon garden, Night garden, Fantasy landscape

Going on night walks might be a really good way to also deal with issues and get some space to think clearly, as most people are fast asleep, and no one gets to distract or disturb you. While to many people, the world of darkness might be a scary space, it might be a safe place for you.

There are many advocates for a routine where you sleep early and wake up early. However, Batman only comes out during the night and so, all you night owls fall in the same category as Batman. Isn’t that exciting!

It is important to mention though, that if you’re going out after midnight, you should definitely be careful and take adequate precautions for your safety. However, there is a lot that can be done while at home. You can sing, dance, paint and just be alive while the rest of the world is fast asleep. This might even make you appreciate more the things around you during the day.

These two polar opposite phases of wakefulness have very different things to offer. But both make you appreciate the world around you, value the life you have and cherish the time you spend being awake. Whichever kind of bird you may choose to be, don’t forget to get those eight hours of sleep irrespective of your preference of waking hours. Have a good sleep schedule to have a good day/night schedule. After all, it is what you do and think that affects how you sleep. So, make sure to top the leaderboard with sleep points and make your dreams as fantastical as your life.


What time is the early morning?

Early morning could be time ranging from 4-4:30 a.m. to 7-7:30 a.m.

What time is late-night?

Late-night could be time ranging from midnight to 3-3:30 a.m.

What time is more productive - early morning or late night?

Different things work for different people. Some may have energy during the day and therefore, early mornings suit them. Others may prefer the late night-time and prefer that environment to increase their productivity.

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Written by Preeti Gokhale

The author is a sleep enthusiast. When not writing about sleep they prefer to either sleep or play games online. They also like to eat pizza and drink cranberry juice. You can often spot them on their way to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. You can connect with them via email!

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