All You Need To Know About Glow Lights

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Keeping the lights on at night and getting quality sleep at the same time seems like a paradox. Your bedroom lights may help keep the nightmares and the monsters under your bed at bay, but it’s practically impossible to sleep under their harsh glare!

However, we can tweak the idea a little bit to offer you an alternate solution to this problem- glow lights. Soft, dim and pleasing to the eyes, glow-lights help create the perfect night atmosphere in your room.They come with a variety of benefits that add to your bedroom’s aura.

Quality Sleep

As highlighted above, glow lights create the perfect ambience at night, in your room, which is optimal for falling asleep in. This results in you achieving refreshing and good quality sleep. The lights help your body ready itself for sleep by cueing it for bed.


 Glow lights are typically very small (sizes may vary by a few inches from brand to brand) and hence do not take up much space in your room. They are easy to store and maintain as well.


Glow lights come in soft colours that allow you to wind down and relax as your day nears its end. It serves the purpose of a reading light as well, allowing people to read and others to sleep simultaneously!

Waking up

 This handy gadget does not just help you sleep- it helps you wake up as well! The lights have the ability to dim and adjust according to the surroundings. They gradually dim while you doze off. In the morning, you wake up to a gentle, warm light that does not hurt your eyes.

Move around at night

If you’re a habitual midnight snacker, glow lights will help you navigate your room at night while you grab that midnight snack! You do not need to wake up anyone else as well by switching on your bedroom lights.

Glow light users have commented on the improvement these lights have had on their sleep. The changes seen were slow, but permanent. They helped people wake up on time, catch refreshing and fulfilling sleep, and avoid waking up all groggy and tired. 

Several glow lights come with alarms as well, which help ensure that you wake up on time to have a productive day. 

The market for glow lights is far from homogeneous. Glow lights come with a variety of features to make your life simpler. Below, we have handpicked a selection of glow lights that come with unique features to enhance not just your sleep, but your lifestyle as well!


MAZ-TEK Plug in Night Light

The MAZ-TEK night lights are simple, sleek and functional. They come in a pack of 6, costing just 10$ for the entire pack!- making them very economical and suitable for household needs.

Several other pros of these lights include the fact that they are energy efficient, self-dimming (you need do not need to get out of bed to switch them off!) and has the perfect level of brightness to suit your vision as well as your sleep. Since these lights are energy efficient, they utilise minimum energy and ensure that they do not impose on your monthly electricity bills- hence helping you save money as well as the environment.


myCozyLite LED Night Light

Theis night light is compact and cute. It comes in a pack containing two lights with the dimensions 2.24″D x 2.24″W x 0.91″H. This pack of 2 costs 12.99$ only.

These tiny lights help block up to 99.95% of blue lights in the spectrum,helping protect your eyes from harsh lights that hamper your ability to fall asleep quickly. Additionally, these lights are very easy to install. You can plug them in at any location you want- which makes them extremely travel friendly as well! They come in a variety of colours- red, blue, purple and amber. Amber is our recommended choice!


Honeywell Wireless Touch LED Lights

These wireless portable LED lights are as good as night lights can get. They are lightweight and easy to carry and transfer around. They are touch activated and emit a very soft and warm glow!

For some extra oomph (that none of the other night lights listed above provide) it changes color as well. With ease of use as well as aesthetics, this light is definitely going to add to your room. And lastly, you get all of these benefits for just $9.99.


TREATLIFE Smart Night Light

For the tech-lovers, this ultra smart night light is definitely a find you cannot miss! This night lamp is compatible with alexa and google home, completely automated and very easy to operate, even from the comfort of your bed. 

To make matters even better, this lamp is completely baby safe and has the most pleasing dim glow that is comfortable for the eyesights of people of all ages. 

This is an ideal buy for new parents, since the voice-activation feature helps free up your hands while you are taking care of your newborn. This light also has an inbuilt biorhythm function that allows toddlers and children to develop a healthy sleep routine early on. Additionally, this light comes with- believe it or not, 16 million colours! – ensuring that your room is always engulfed in the glow of pretty colours you may not even have encountered yet. 


G-Keni Nursery Night Light

The above lamp is definitely a godsend for new parents, however if you wish to explore more child-friendly glow lights, the G-Keni Nursery Night Light is an excellent choice. This light is made of top quality PP and ABS to create a safe and healthy environment for children. The light is soft and not harsh on the eyes. Convenience of use is ensured in additional features this light comes with, like portability, USB charging option and its cordless structure.

Although this lamp is a little pricier than the other ones we have explored in this article, it definitely is good as a long term investment and pays for itself through its many useful functions.



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