27 Sleep Memes For Those Who Can’t Sleep

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About 2 years ago, a survey was conducted by Amerisleep, a mattress company showed that people are happy because they get good sleep.

On average, a “happy person” gets 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Those who get fewer could be happy too often but run into problems that originate due to the lack of quality sleep. This results in stress which takes a toll on happiness levels.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

I have compiled a couple of memes related to sleep which will definitely make your day if you’ve been feeling sleep deprived and I hope you’ll get a good round of sleep tonight.

Ready? Let’s go!

Relatable Memes For The Sleep Deprived Generation

the real reason

sleep meme 1

Well, there are some people who haven’t slept in a long time and couldn’t care much about anything else on the planet.

life is sleep

sleep meme 2

This happens every damn time when you oversleep and it’s just insanely difficult to get out to bed. And it becomes impossible when it’s cold.

damn you, YouTube!

sleep meme 3

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google and every now and then, you’ll be binge watching videos (and probably end up in the wrong side of the tube). But, it sucks when it’s 3 am and you can’t stop.

financial literacy at its best

sleep meme 4

We’ve all been there. But, if you have a full-time job and you’re still doing the same, you got to change your job, buddy.

can’t sleep ever

sleep meme 5

This is not just a meme. It is the reality of the workforce and the school-going/college-going who find it hard to sleep at night due to stress and workspace problems.

my kind of fun time

The reality is if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, it becomes boring. However, it doesn’t apply to sleep though!




fight me

sleep meme 7
If only you could have thought of that killer blow and ended the guy’s career 10 hours earlier. Damn.

bad decisions

sleep meme 8

Have you ever introspected that bold decision of yours to not sleep for the whole night, stared at the alarm clock and sobbed? It happens when the burn the candle at both ends.

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oh well

sleep meme 9

If you’ve dealt with this situation, the next time it happens to you, think about how adorable the Pikachu looks despite oversleeping.

gotta settle the score

sleep meme 10

Well, this is a very good idea for people who find it difficult to sleep because this way, you get to hack your brain to get back in there and kick the night terror’s ass.

i’m bad at this

sleep meme 11

Sleep is like your favourite food- if you eat more, you’ll be bloated and in a food coma. If you eat too less, you’ll want more and stay hungry.

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school sucks

sleep meme 12

The school would have been fun if it weren’t for the. I’ve going to leave that sentence incomplete.

death is certain

sleep meme 13

The worst part is you can’t do anything about it because you’re so tired to even punch whoever woke you up.

this is real

sleep meme 14

You should enrol.

the doctor never said that

sleep meme 15

You can borrow this line when you make it big. Don’t forget your roots.

protect and preserve 🙁

sleep meme 16

I know you would do the same but the negative effects of caffeine on sleep have been proven many times over. But, will you stop? I think I know the answer so let’s move towards the next meme.


sleep meme 17
The alarm is going to sweep you off your feet. There’s no running.

bad advice I guess

sleep meme 18

Sunday is sleep day. So is Monday, Tuesday and probably every other day in a week.

your time’s up!

sleep meme 19

I find it very annoying when someone fails to respond on time when I’m sacrificing bits of my precious sleep for them. Even worse when it’s your crush.

it’s unreal

sleep meme 20

I feel like a sloth when this happens. The yawns never stop and it’s contagious.

ahh, my only friend is back

sleep meme 21

The rainy season is the best for introverts because they don’t have to go to schools or colleges, let alone meet any new people. But, this is the worst nightmare for extroverts and you can probably guess. Which one are you?

are you kidding me

sleep meme 22

How would you feel if you haven’t slept the whole night and then your friend asks you this question? Will Smith has managed to perfectly capture my emotions. Thank you!

naps are unpredictable

sleep meme 23

What’s the longest nap that you’ve taken in your life?

talk about bad luck

sleep meme 24

I feel really bad for the employed folks. Why does it happen?

math + sleep deprivation = chaos

sleep meme 25

I pray for all the school kids out there who are burdened with homework that tests their endurance, not intellect. Period.

look at me now

sleep meme 26

Oh, Mom. Umm, you got it all wrong.

the grumpy sleeper

sleep meme 27

This is not a meme, this just denotes how tired I am feeling right now, staying up late night to finish the first part of this blog. There will be more updated memes so subscribe to the blog using the newsletter below to get those updates and other useful sleep tips.

Drop your favourite memes in the comment section 🙂

I strongly suggest you share this article with your friends who find the lack of sleep depressing. This could give them the assurance that they’re not alone and cheer them up.


What is a meme?

Memes are the future. They are containers of information that’s created and evolved based on culture, imitation and adapation. They have a life span and could go through ‘rebirth’.

What are sleep memes?

Memes that are created by and for the sleep-deprived who are unable to sleep. The can’t sleep meme adaptations can raise your moods when you’re down.

This is a post by Lokesh Mohnot, who is a part-time memer and loves to sleep. He’s currently pursuing engineering and dreams to make the world a happy place.

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