The Best ASMR Videos For Sleep – Can It Help You Fall Asleep?

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Have you ever tried to examine your surroundings?

Imagine you are in a coffee shop. The person next to your table is typing away on a laptop. The constant clickety-clacking creates a peculiar sound which you’ll begin to notice if you focus.

You would also tend to eavesdrop on different people if the focus game is stronger.

The coffee arrives and a person sitting beside you leaves their book unattended. A gust of wind blows resulting in a fluttering of pages.

Do these annoy or satisfy you?

For many, the sheer sight and the sounds of these ordinary events can act as a stimulus.

It’s more than just a myriad of sensations. This opens up several questions.

  • What is this strange tingly feeling?
  • Why does your body react to certain sounds in a particular way?
  • Is this common?
  • Can these sounds help you relax and even sleep?

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about ASMR.

What is ASMR?

The term ASMR was coined by Jennifer Allen in 2010. It is only after Allen’s act of naming this activity, academicians started researching about ASMR videos and its benefits.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a warm feeling of euphoric tingling, and pleasant sensation, which can generally start at the crown of the head and spread down the body. It is generally triggered by specific audio or visual stimuli. Not everyone experiences it in a similar manner but you cannot deny that ASMR videos are as satisfying as the music that helps you fall asleep.

On second thoughts, the videos are sometimes more effective than music and memes.

What are ASMR videos?

Due to the increasing popularity of ASMR, a new genre of videos has emerged, which claims to stimulate your mind and body.

The video has certain trigger elements that play with your oxytocin, the “feel-good” hormone and induces the ASMR effect on your body. Here are some commonly used triggers:

  1.      People speaking softly
  2.  Getting your hair played with/brushed (roleplay)
  3.  Whispering
  4.  Close personal attention (roleplay)
  5.  Water/fluid sounds
  6.  Lip-smacking
  7.  Observing/listening to someone eating
  8.      Getting a haircut (roleplay)
  9.  Interaction with face or head (roleplay)
  10.  Tapping on hard surfaces (e.g., wood)
  11.  Watching people do things in a careful, attentive way
  12.  Hand movements (visual)
  13.  Scratching sounds
  14.     Other forms of roleplays

In fact, more than 13 million ASMR videos have been uploaded on YouTube. And the best part is that most of these are free content and targeted at the sleep-deprived generation.

According to a few studies, the viewers generally experience a feeling of tingling, excitement or calmness when they watch these videos. It also decreases the level of anxiety in many cases.

But, the general consensus is people watch ASMR videos to:

  • Relax
  • Help them sleep
  • Deal with stress and anxiety

Can ASMR videos help you sleep?

We know you’ve tried many things to get rid of insomnia.

You must have tried reading books that induce sleep or browsed through countless memes to heal your ailing, sleep-deprived soul.

Why not try ASMR videos to see whether it can help you sleep or not?

Let’s watch some and you’ll see what I’ve been hyping about for so long.

I’ve curated a list of some of the best ASMR videos to help you sleep.

NOTE: The use of earphones are highly recommended for a better experience.

Visual Triggers

ASMR Soap Carving

ASMRSurge’s 45-minute-long video is a relaxing ASMR which includes triggers like tapping and scratching along with soap carvings. Have you ever had these fantasies of ruining beautiful products?

Well, this video is perfect if you love to carve expensive perfectly moulded soaps.
But I guess we’re all broke to do that, aren’t we? So, I guess we’ll satisfy our weird fantasies with this video.

Zen Garden Sleep AID (Decreasing Brightness) 45 Min – No Talking

Have you noticed anything in the title?

Yes. DECREASING BRIGHTNESS. This is one of the few ASMR videos which actually helps you relax without hurting your eyes. This 45-minute video from Made In France ASMR will soothe your mind and body.

The best part is that the brightness decreases as you near the end of this video, making it perfect for nighttime send off to bed.

ASMR Wood Carving

This is yet another carving video from ASMRSurge, which features scratching, scraping and tapping of wood. The sounds and methodical hand motions generally arouse the viewers. Let’s see how it affects you?

ASMR Kinetic Stand

With excellent video quality, Kinetic Sand ASMR will give you strong visual triggers. It’s a must-watch!

Micro ASMR: Soap Bubbles | Macro Video of Iridescent Soap Bubbles

Bubbles fascinate us, don’t they?

How many times have you tried to hold a bubble in our hand and ended up bursting it? Well, this video gives beautiful visuals of bubbles at different angles.

You’ll find these bubbles form and dissolve, along with their beautiful colours and patterns.


Do you like magic tricks?

The onscreen magic can help your mind relax and sleep better. Jojo’s ASMR proves just how relaxing magic can be in this video by using card tricks.

Sound Triggers

Taps for your naps ASMR by Gentle Whispering ASMR

Gentle Whispering ASMR brings a tapping trigger for you to relax from a whole day of stress. The video features gentle tappings on heavenly beads and paintings et cetera.

See whether you can watch the whole video or the Greek God of sleep, Hypnos stops you from watching this video in the middle itself.

ASMR Magical Curiosity [tapping, scratching, crinkle sounds] by ASMR Surge

In this ASMRSurge’s video, there is a mixture of events. This video features the use of props such as Plasma ball, Hermoine’s Time Turner, Newton’s cradle, Globe and wizard cap among others.

The best prop is Rose. Yes, Rose. Go watch how he uses these to create amazing sounds.

Opening A Pomegranate – ASMR

Has your mother ever asked you to peel a pomegranate? Isn’t it boring?

But in this video, they claim to help you relax by peeling a pomegranate. Fruits are delicious to eat. Can they be delicious to hear as well? This small ASMR attempts to soothe you.

Warning: Don’t try this at home. Your mother can kill you for ruining a pomegranate.

ASMR Forks Scratching Your Ears With Whispering

Don’t we always say, “Life is a soup and I am a fork”?

Forks are useless for drinking soups but how will you react when we say forks are useful for sleep? Sounds weird, eh?

If you are a hardcore sound-lover, this video will give you chills.

No Talking ASMR

ASMR 10 Hours of Tapping, Crinkle & Trigger Sounds – No Talking Just Sounds

10-hour videos exist on YouTube for a reason. Because they’re longer versions of remarkable videos.

If you somehow manage to watch the whole video, share your experience in the comment section of this blog, after your sound sleep, of course.

1 Hour No Talking ASMR For Sleep

Props or just hands, he will give you chills.

ASMR Excavation in a water-soaked block of plaster

Do you like excavation? Ever thought of becoming an archaeologist? Even archaeologists would not have thought that excavation can also give you tingles.

Let your inner child come out while watching this satisfying video. As ASMR Surge claims, this video is especially for those who love intense sounds.

ASMR Shaving Cream 💤NO TALKING for SLEEP

Where do you apply your shaving cream/ foam? Definitely not on plates on bowls, I suppose.

This video is relaxing and funny. That’s an interesting combination, isn’t it?

Check whether shaving foam can relax you along with removing your beard!

Whispering & Roleplays

Shhh! Listen. The ASMR Sleep Clinic: To Help You Fall Asleep Fast from TheUKASMR

In this video, she guides and makes use of various triggers to create an ASMR experience with roleplay.

Just a suggestion. Once you start feeling drowsy, close your eyes and try to absorb what she speaks. People feel relaxed after this.

Go read the comments on the original video if you don’t believe me.

ASMR YouTube Videos by YouTuber ASMRDarling will help you sleep fast

She describes herself as “ASMR Darling”. Indeed, she is one of those who feel relaxed after watching her videos.

This video is a combination of sounds including brushing the mic, tapping plastic container, whispering about/tapping vase, tapping/flipping through book, sticky tape sounds, tapping mason jar, pouring/playing with water, playing with matches, haircut (Scissor sounds), coins in a bowl, tapping/scratching sounds etc.

Alright! This sounds mundane. Play the video and see for yourself.

~Simple Pleasures~ ASMR Soft Spoken Personal Attention

This ASMR video is a combination of hand movements, wooden brush sounds, hair brushing and sounds of a steamy oil diffuser. She has more than a million subscribers on YouTube.

Lay back and let yourself immerse in this combination of roleplay and whispering sounds.

90s Video Game Store Roleplay from ASMR Darling

Roleplay ASMR videos are funny. If you enjoy roleplay ASMR, this one will not disappoint you. Lay back and get ready to get the retro vibes because she will take you back to 1996 in this video.

*_* Oh such a good 3D-sound ASMR video *_*

This video was considered one of the most-watched videos for several years. Also, the girl in this video was one of the first people to do media interviews about ASMR. You got it right!

This ASMR video is from a time when none of us was probably aware of the ASMR effect and their benefits. This video deserves to be in our list for sure!

ASMR 360° Role Play | Hair and Makeup at The Same Time! *_*

Cosmic Tingle ASMR was one of the first ASMR creators who experimented with 360° video. I bet you’ll watch the entire video in one go if you begin.


Celebrity ASMR

W MAGAZINE has conducted many ASMR interviews with celebrities. These celebrities are not trained ASMR artists but you’ll love them.

I’ve picked out top 5 celebrity ASMR videos for you. If you want to watch more, you can go and check W Magazine’s page.

Best of ASMR: Margot Robbie, Gal Gadot and More Explore ASMR with Whispers and Sounds | W Magazine

In this video, they have compiled the most sensational moments from the first season of their “ASMR Interview” series. Sit back and hear your favourite celebrities whispering in your ears with this video.

It features Margot Robbie, Gal Gadot, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lucy Hale, Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson, Emily Ratajkowski, Aubrey Plaza, Ashley Graham, and Melissa Benoist.

Cardi B Explores ASMR | W Magazine

You must’ve heard Cardi B’s songs. Well, hear her whispering here!

Rita Ora Explores ASMR | W Magazine

In this video, the British singer and songwriter Rita Ora gives you a musical ASMR interview. Watch this video to know about her life. She will also give you a musical trigger.

Rosalía Explores ASMR | W Magazine

Grammy winner Rosalía will definitely calm you down with her beautiful voice. She does not whisper in this video but her voice is so relaxing.

Also, try pronouncing her name correctly. She teaches how to roll the R in Rosalía at the beginning of this video. Try it!

Penn Badgley Explores ASMR | W Magazine

Last but not the least, here’s Penn Badgely’s ASMR interview. Explore Badgley’s on-screen journey while he is exploring ASMR in this video.

If you’ve watched his hit series “You”, you will automatically fall in love with his voice.

So, that winds up the extensive list of ASMR videos which will help you relax and eventually get a good round of sleep.

While researchers are still busy exploring the benefits of ASMR, I’d suggest you watch these videos while they let do the hard work.

However, I hope you know, using devices at night can deteriorate the quality of your sleep. Explore these videos but make sure you’re not spending too much time watching at night because it can turn out to be counterproductive. Remember, blue lights can tick you off of your sleep.

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Bonus Tip: If you think videos are not your thing, switch to ASMR audio podcasts instead and drift away to sleep.

This is a post by Shahana Khatoon, who studies MA English. She loves to read, write and explore. She believes poetry can cure anything in this world, even sleep deprivation.

Featured image by HeatheredEffect ASMR

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