A Guide To Getting The Best Possible Sleep On Christmas Eve

Guide to Getting Sleep on Christmas Eve


The physical and mental homeostasis that good sleep demands can be upset quite easily; therefore many of us assume that getting any sleep before important days is quite far-fetched. And Christmas is no exception.  Given that the season to be jolly is upon us, good sleep may seem like a distant dream to a lot of you.

All that overexcitement, hectic planning, overnight cooking and last-minute gift shopping that Christmas brings with it is bound to leave you feeling sleepless at night.

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Mythology Podcasts – The New Age Bedtime Story

Mythology Podcasts

As a child, I remember sleep being the inevitable outcome of stories, with vivid dreams being their delightful by-product. To me, sleep would eventually be reached by floating through a colourful and surreal realm of tales shaped by an unbound imagination. It is only now in my adulthood that I miss this oral tradition during sleepless nights, where I crave a familiar voice guiding me through the vast and unknown lands of stories, before gently lulling me into a deep sleep.

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69 Movies To Watch Before Going To Bed

Sleep Movies

We all know that for sound REM sleep, we need to put away our devices at least 30 minutes prior to our bedtime. However, on certain days, especially after hectic work hours, you want to simply shut your brain down and watch something wholesome and soothing that will lull you into sleep.

Plus, watching a film before sleeping can act as a deterrent against certain negative habits like over-thinking and toxic thoughts, ensuring that your mind finally goes to rest on a stressful day with some pleasant ideas and thoughts in the background.

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