A Guide To Getting The Best Possible Sleep On Christmas Eve

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The physical and mental homeostasis that good sleep demands can be upset quite easily; therefore many of us assume that getting any sleep before important days is quite far-fetched. And Christmas is no exception.  Given that the season to be jolly is upon us, good sleep may seem like a distant dream to a lot of you.

All that overexcitement, hectic planning, overnight cooking and last-minute gift shopping that Christmas brings with it is bound to leave you feeling sleepless at night.

While it may feel very normal for you to not sleep on Christmas Eve, and the excitement might get you through Christmas day, the after-effects of the same may be harmful to your body.

Sleep cycle disruptions can be tough to rectify and may cause overexertion and send your body into a state of stress. The lethargy and dullness that people often experience after the festive season is caused by this state of stress which results from overtiring one’s body and overindulging to compensate for the same.

How To Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve?

As we all want the festive season to rejuvenate us, and not bring us down, we need to keep certain vices in check. So, here are some tips to ensure restful sleep on Christmas Eve, so that you remain healthy and fresh while and after spreading the Christmas cheer.

1. Plan your Chores

How To Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve

While Christmas is all about fun, food and family-time, if you are the one organizing Christmas, you need to be extremely well-prepared if you hope to sleep on Christmas Eve. Ensure that all your cooking supplies are stocked at least a week in advance.

How To Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve

Wrap all presents well before Christmas, and colour-code and label them to avoid last-minute confusions and swaps. Don’t cook till the last minute. If you are organizing a Christmas party, make sure that all the preparation is complete by 5.00 p.m. of Christmas Eve, so that you don’t anxiously complete last-minute errands and miss out on sleep.

2. Keep Busy

How To Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve

Having planned well, you also need to ensure that you have some light work to complete on the 24th. This is to prevent you from becoming a big ball of anxiety, excitement and anticipation before Christmas day.

Don’t inundate yourself with unnecessary chores; just keep yourself busy enough to feel tired by around 10.00 p.m. of the 24th. Waking up early on the morning of Christmas Eve to get work done will also ensure sleep that night.

3. Lay Off The Sugar

How To Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve

Probably the toughest, this tip is essential for good sleep. You need to make sure that your total sugar intake is not off-the-charts, which is extremely hard to do when you have Christmas goodies lying around. But this will ensure that you don’t ruin your sleep due to a sugar high.

4. Carb-Heavy Dinner

How To Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve

Have your dinner at a good time, and ensure that it is carb-rich, as that will induce really good sleep. This is a good night to try out a new pasta or rice-based recipe.

5. Avoid Caffeine

How To Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve

When you are as excited and jittery as Christmas can get you, there is no point adding a stimulant to the mix. Avoid all forms of caffeine to calm down your nerves and have a good night’s sleep.

6. Limit Blue Light Exposure

How To Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve

While Christmas often means having marathons of feel-good Christmas films with your whole family, it can also mean destroying all chances of getting the children in your family and yourself to have restful sleep. Try to limit movies and screen-time till the afternoon, and ensure that there is an hour’s gap between bedtime and screen time.

7. Bedtime Story Traditions

How To Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve

Limit screen time and replace it with restful bedtime story sessions for children. Adults can simply exchange favourite Christmas anecdotes and create a more mindful and enjoyable atmosphere before going to sleep. This will not only ensure good sleep but also create memories that can be cherished in the future.

8. Calming Scents

A warm bath with Lavender and Chamomile bath oils can help create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and getting good sleep. Candles with similar scents, or with a Christmas twist of pine, cinnamon and vanilla could also help to soothe nerves and have a restful sleep.

As Christmas is about spreading kindness, joy and happiness, it is necessary to show our bodies and minds the same during the festive season. Celebrating mindfully allows you to cherish a moment better and allows you to be completely present and invested in festive revelry.

Therefore, follow these tips to get some good sleep during Christmas time and have a well-rested and heartwarming time during this season of joy.


How should I fall asleep on Christmas Eve?

Following the above-mentioned tips should allow you to have restful sleep so that you can be refreshed and ready for Christmas morning.

How should I wake children on Christmas Morning?

If you want your children to wake up refreshed and not groggy, it is essential to make them sleep on time on Christmas Eve. Once you do that, waking them up for a day filled with excitement and fun should hardly be any trouble.

Should I leave Christmas lights on while sleeping?

While I understand the impulse, leaving blinking or colourful lights on can hamper your sleep. Your eyes require darkness while sleeping to complete important processes of repair and rejuvenation. Therefore, to avoid feeling tired you should either sleep in a room with no Christmas lights or simply wear an eye mask to achieve good rest.

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Written by Visakha Chowdhury

The author tries to walk the treacherous tightrope between 10.00 p.m. and 2.00 a.m. bedtimes, willfully falls to the dark side a bit too often, and miserably tries to claw their way back to an eye bag-less existence.

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