Finding Your Perfect Sleep Pillow with The White Willow

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They say that your pillow has seen your worst days. Our pillow is a very personal appliance, the relevance of which is often overlooked. Different people have different sleeping habits but one habit that is common among us is that of using the pillow, although exceptions are always there. A proper pillow is as important to our sleep as it is to our physiology.

Our next sleep expert are the folks from The White Willow.

White Willow is your one solution for all your pillow related problems. They offer a variety of products which are safe to use, of superior quality and eco-friendly for both the consumers and the environment.

Let’s Begin!

Q. What was your motivation behind creating The White Willow and how did it happen?

Our journey began rather unexpectedly when a close friend approached me for guidance due to a prolonged back pain issue and whose doctor advised them to change their pillow. Upon research, we discovered that there were hardly any good quality pillows and the ones that were there were quite costly. And so, with extensive research and having found a gap, motivated us to address this market opportunity and create a unique range of pillows that would be price friendly and cater to all.

Today, we have a range of over 70 + plus pillows that can be selected according to body weight, height, size, comfort and of course personal choice.

Q. What steps have you taken to optimize the quality of your products?

Immense care is taken to ensure that only top quality foam and raw materials are used for the development of our pillows. All our pillows are made in India – manufactured at our in-house factory, which follows all the measures of superior quality and sanitization. Moreover, the pillows are semi compressed and packed through a proper machine, ensuring minimal touch and care.

Q. Your website also offers a variety of products “by concern”, which is something people often pay no heed to when looking for pillows. Which of these categories is your bestselling variety?

Our Bed pillows as well Bed Wedges are the categories, which have been our best sellers. We began with 4 pillows and today we have an extensive range of 70+ pillows. Our pillows have been designed and categorized on the basis of ‘By Concern’ for people to be able to select the right pillow well suited for their problem or issue.

Q. You have an extensive pillow guide on your website, which is very vast and elaborate. What is your research methodology behind this and who all are on your research team?

Our pillow guide has been well-researched and even tested to understand how our pillows can benefit people and how it has made a difference in sleep.

Q. Your reviews section boasts of a large number of satisfied customers. Did you expect such a positive response and what would you say to all the families that you have touched with your initiative?

It was highly unexpected that we would have received such an overwhelming response when we began with just 4 pillows. We never thought that our pillows would be received with such warmth and love and we were just humbled and motivated.

We of course absolutely believed that our pillows can bring the quality and the comfort that our customers want and so, their stories and feedback simply validated that for us- we are indeed on the right path of building a successful brand. Every family who has believed in us and have loved our pillows, we thank you from the bottom of our heart and promise you that our small TWW family will continue to strive and bring more and more innovative sleep solutions that would bring happiness, good sleep and good health to you and your loved ones.

Q. It’s a long way for The White willow from here. What are your growth aspects and where do you see your company in the next five years?

We are on a road to building a successful brand, a one-stop –space for sleep solutions, which will change the way you sleep. Our vision is to become a global brand in the next 5 years for which we have already started our trial runs in the USA, UAE and UK.

Our session with White Willow was super refreshing. Try their products to help you sleep better!

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Written by Abhinav Goel

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