What To Wear When We Go To Bed

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Closet Clues for Your Snooze

Considering we spend at least 8-10 hours sleeping every day, travelling into the sometimes magical and most times absurd dreamlands, it is essential to dress perfectly for the occasion. While many of us contemplate what to wear to a night out, or to work or for a picnic, it is high time we started thinking about what we wear to bed.

I believe it is important to put some serious consideration into this decision as it may turn out to be the best life-changing decision you may ever make. Outfits that ensure hygiene, comfort, and reinforce a positive sleep attitude are the best. Below I have charted out a few things which I think everyone needs to consider incorporating into their sleep fashion choices so that they are ready and presentable enough to call themselves the mayor of sleepy town!


Pajamas are not only the world’s most comfortable piece of clothing but also come in a variety of styles and designs that will make you feel awesome. Changing into pajamas right before bed is a task towards achieving a hygienic environment. Full length pyjamas also prevent you from feeling too cold at night and prevent sleep disturbance.

I have, for the longest time, been wearing cute and comfy printed pajama sets that I’ve been buying from Marks and Spencer’s. The prints range from floral to animal kingdom. One of my favourites is the cat print which you can find .

Readers, believe me, this investment is worth it! They’re cute, comfy and hygienic. Another advantage of owning a badass pair of pajamas is that you can even wear them in public and flaunt your vivacious personality. Sleepwear is the new streetwear!

Checked pyjama set | Lindex Europe

Note: it is recommended that one should change into pyjamas right before sleeping as it is more sanitary and therefore, wearing pyjamas that have seen the daylight and hustle-bustle of the outside life may not necessarily fit into the sleep hygiene requirement criteria.


Just like face masks make the skin more radiant and glowing, thereby enhancing beauty, sleep masks often, for a lot of people, enhance the quality of sleep. While sleeping we go through various stages like light sleep state, deep sleep state, REM stage and so on. Therefore, it is integral to protect that precious sleep by taking care of our eyes when asleep.

These masks block any sort of light, be it a flickering, like out of a ghost movie, or a sudden burst of light, like looking right into a fool’s high beaming headlights. They’re best for when travelling and also help adjust to time zones, so all you globe trotters out there, this is it for you.

Silk Sleep Mask | Luxury Sleep Mask | Gingerlily

They come in various styles to suit different requirements, such as eye masks for side sleepers, back sleepers, cooling masks for puffy eyes, memory foam masks, weighted masks and so on. They are also made of different material ranging from cotton and silk to polyester and beads. You can find one of the highly-rated masks here.

It is contoured and allows one to open their eyes while wearing the mask as well. So now you can also comfortably play a good game of Marco-Polo while wearing this mask, in case of insomnia.


Ah! Who doesn’t adore a cute pair of socks? Cold feet are something you get when you’re nervous. But occasionally I get cold feet while sleeping, making me feel restless and eventually sleep deprived. This is not because of nervousness but could be possibly attributed to the atmosphere, the weather, the room temperature or even the body temperature. This condition can often slow down circulation. To counter its negative effects I summon the saviour, the magnificent – Mr Socks. Mr Socks warms my feet just right and helps clear my brain before sleeping.

They’re also known to improve cracked heels, provided you also moisturize. Sleep Socks should often be of wool or cashmere instead of the usual cotton socks we use in our day to day lives. They should also not be too tight as that could also constrict proper circulation. Here is one pair that is well recommended.

Knitted ankle socks | Handmade socks, Knitting socks, Woolen socks

Socks also come in different designs and sizes, so buy the pair that matches your personality just right and add some funkiness to your slumber time. Not to mention, they also make for really good gifts.


Today it isn’t just about the fabric part of our outfit but also about technology which has become the fabric of our being. Multiple sleep monitoring technology devices are available in the market today. They record from sleep movements and duration to heart rate and blood oxygen levels, almost everything and makes the statistics easily available so that you can assess and improve your sleep quality. Many such watches, bands and rings are very cool and trendy to look at as well as comfortable to wear while you enjoy your snooze. You can browse through some of these here and here.


While nightgowns may make you feel like a ghost roaming around a gothic villa in the 80s every time you get up in the night to get a glass of water, there is nothing more comfortable than a simple cotton nightgown, especially in the summers.

While pyjamas may help you catch some Zs in the winter months, nightgowns will definitely do the trick in the hot and humid summer season. They come in all shapes and sizes, just like us humans.

Home Dress Women Sleepwear Lace Cotton Nightgown Romantic Long Nightgowns  Plus Large Size Lady Night Gown| | - AliExpress

They are short or full length, full-sleeved or half-sleeved, plain or printed, etc. Satin nightgowns are also a good alternative if you feel like being glamourous while you get that beauty sleep of yours. I usually end up preferring a comfy, cotton night suit with doodle print on it. You can too try out some well-recommended nightgowns .

So now that you know all the right things to sport while indulging in the activity of sleeping, no one can stop you from being the glamourous fashionista of slumber city. With a fresh pair of pyjamas, warm socks, and a ravishing eye mask, go ahead and smash the ugly monsters that disrupt the tranquil bliss of your siesta.


What fabric is best for night wear?

Cotton is the best fabric. Satin nightgowns are also a great alternative but cotton is the best!

What does sleepwear mean?

Garments worn during sleep time qualify as sleepwear. These include nightgowns, pyjamas and so on.

What do girls wear to sleep?

Girls usually tend to wear comfortable sleepwear to go to sleep. These may include pyjama sets with pants or shorts and t-shirts as well.

Is sleeping in your clothes bad?

A lot of advantages of sleeping naked have been reported. It reduces stress, improves skin and enhances sleep quality. It also has many other benefits. One can also opt for sleeping in oversized and loose clothing for the same benefits. However, sleeping in clothes is not necessarily bad.

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Written by Preeti Gokhale

The author is a sleep enthusiast. When not writing about sleep they prefer to either sleep or play games online. They also like to eat pizza and drink cranberry juice. You can often spot them on their way to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. You can connect with them via email!

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