Tea or Coffee – Making the Perfect Morning Cup

Tea or Coffee

Morning beverages are indispensable to both, good and lousy sleepers – for the former they are a cherished part of their morning routine and for the latter, an inseparable aid for feeling awake.

Elaborate tea and coffee traditions around the world have seeped into the ergonomic morning routines of the fast-paced modern world. While waking you up and preparing you for your day, that morning cup of tea or coffee also ties you to age-old beverage traditions.

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Yoga Poses (Asanas) To Help You Get Better And Deeper Sleep

Yoga Asanas for Better Sleep

Yoga as a practice is lauded for its versatility; no matter how new you are to it, there is always something you can do. Moreover, the holistic scope of yoga is highly regarded – the body, mind and soul are trained and soothed in unison.

Therefore for those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep-related issues, the incorporation of certain yoga asanas in pre-sleep routines can prove to be very effective for restful sleep.

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Mythology Podcasts – The New Age Bedtime Story

Mythology Podcasts

As a child, I remember sleep being the inevitable outcome of stories, with vivid dreams being their delightful by-product. To me, sleep would eventually be reached by floating through a colourful and surreal realm of tales shaped by an unbound imagination. It is only now in my adulthood that I miss this oral tradition during sleepless nights, where I crave a familiar voice guiding me through the vast and unknown lands of stories, before gently lulling me into a deep sleep.

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Early Birds vs Night Owls – Who Has It Better?

Early Birds vs. Night Owls - Who Has It Better?

The Sun and The Moon

One of the most essential components of sleeping is the very act of ‘waking up’. Most of us are either early birds or night owls and so, it can be said that while some may be awake at certain hours, others may be asleep during those same hours. Let us look at what things are there to evaluate, witness and appreciate during these specific hours of wakefulness so that we can choose better what suits us.

And if nothing, bringing to light, the magic of these phases which may make you just a little more aware and observant about your own surroundings. Here are some things I feel I really appreciate about being an early bird as well as a night owl.

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Benefits Of Sleeping On The Floor

Sleeping on the Floor

Level Down to Level Up Your Sleep

Sleeping entails taking a break to rest and laying back and just sometimes, laying low. While we are pretty much used to flying high to our imaginary neverland as we experience the bliss of slumber, it is not necessary to actually lay above ground, away from the floor. Surely, people did manage to get their daily dose of sleeping even before beds were invented. In all probability, these ancestors of ours slept on the ground, baring a few who may have just found it more comfortable to hang on tree branches while getting those precious sleep points.

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How to Sleep Better While on Your Period

How to Sleep Better While Menstruating


The not-so anticipated visit from the monthly friend often has its own issues, especially when the friend is being an annoying, uncomfortable guest. The body announces, ‘Code Red’ and all the workers get in position. This results in a lot of hormonal changes leading to emotional, behavioural, and physical changes. One of the many discussed issues surrounding menstruation and its effects is its relation to sleep.

Gathering information from personal experience, I have come to observe some of these effects. Insomnia is quite common during these days, along with painful cramps, nausea and so on, obstructing the very much needed good nights’ sleep. Symptoms definitely differ from person to person, some have it better, some have it way worse.

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