The New Alternative to Bedtime Stories – Sleep Haiku!

Sleep Poems

As a kid, you have a never-ending appetite for stories before going to sleep. You completely forget that your mum and dad are normal humans who have a hard time wracking their brains to make up stories.

This article is for those parents who’ve run out of their creative juice and have no excuses left to make up for it. It’s for those parents who are dead tired from work but still make the effort to spend meaningful time with their child before going to bed. As a tribute to them, instead of long never-ending stories, here are a few haiku that will make your time with the kids more enjoyable!

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Sleep Meditation – The Secret to a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep Meditation

Have you ever laid awake in the middle of the night? Trying your best to usher in sleep but failing. You just lie in bed thinking about why you can’t succeed at a seemingly simple task.  A feat that most people achieve without having to exert themselves at all. Yet, here you are, struggling to shut your mind down. 

If you do find yourself in such a situation, don’t fret.  Studies indicate that at least 1 in 3 people have mild insomnia and have trouble sleeping. So at least you’re not alone! 

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Exploring Dreams: Myths Vs Facts

Exploring Dreams: Myths Vs Facts

It’s bedtime. You put the lights out. Your head hits the pillow, and you go into the state of slumber. And then it starts, you start experiencing fascinating, bizarre, and even terrifying scenarios. Yes, I am talking about dreaming!

We often muse about what dreams are, why they occur, and what do they mean. And we are not alone – scientists, psychologists, and philosophers have long been trying to understand everything about dreams. But there is still so much about dreams that we don’t know.

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Why Do You Have Difficulty Waking Up In The Morning?

trouble waking up in the morning

Trouble Waking Up – Causes, Prevention and Remedies

Hitting the snooze button happens to be at the bottom of my list for The Least Favourite Things to do in the Morning.

Bad mornings are almost always the aftereffects of late-night work or constant worrisome thoughts popping up in my head about the bleak future that lies ahead.

Leaving the pessimism aside, most people face sleep health issues such as sleepwalking, sleep apnea, cramps, etc. that lead to an inferior quality of sleep. This can cause you to wake up feeling downright terrible!

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69 Shows to Watch When You Want to Fall Asleep

shows to fall asleep to

69 Shows To Watch When You Want To Fall Asleep

PLOT TWIST! This article is written by a regular contributor and The Critic. Her thoughts and opinions are in normal font. The Critic prefers the slant.

2020 has a really rough start.

Remember when you just wanted to stay at home and relax. Well, due to the unfortunate spread of this COVID-19 epidemic, we are forced to stay indoors and avoid social interactions. This wasn’t my idea of a break. Well, anyway, moving on.

All that endless scrolling on social media feeds must have gotten you bored by now. Yep.

You want to rest, but you can’t fall asleep.

You want to read but you don’t have enough energy.

Even music has let you down!

All you need now is something, which is more engaging and relaxing. Or perhaps, boring.

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