Sleep Puns, Jokes & One-Liners for the Sleep Lovers

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Be Punny Always

Every group of friends has this one annoying person who’s always interrupting the conversation with puns and coincidentally laughs at them, alone. And the only way you can eliminate this gobsmacking habit is to fire em’ with better and real-funny puns.

You may also recite these puns while you’re waiting for sleep to hit you.

So, get to work and dig up some of the best puns one could get his hands on except that you fail miserably. Instead, now, you’re the guy who’s always interrupting the conversation with puns that end with an anxious laugh.

You’ve now managed to put them all to sleep. But you’re no quitter. You roll up your sleeves yet again and this time, you don’t just want to know puns, you want to know when to say them.

You turn to the God of modern knowledge- the internet and stumble upon an article that tells you exactly what puns to use and when to use them. This is that article.

Sleeping animal puns: (for all kinds of animals your friends seem to be)


Everyone knows who this friend is.


For the doe-eyed one.


Who hasn’t danced along to this song with your friends?


The friend we all have to bear with.


The friend who’s currently foolishly roaming about and is yet to learn to stay indoors and sleep.


The workaholic with baggy eyes.

The super talkative gossip queen who needs to put her voice to rest.

For the friend with feline instincts.

For the friend who pulls all-nighters and is O-stentatious about it.

For the weird friend that drinks milk without cookies.


For that cute short friend, anyone would be happy to adopt.

For sleepovers that start in the morning because all your friends were up the previous night.

For the chubby and cuddly friend.

For friends who like to skip and hop instead of walking like a normal person.

For the sheepish ones.

For showing off your stock market knowledge to your friends.

For the couple in the group who like to sleep.

When you zone out of a boring lecture.

For friends that duck your calls for an eternity.

For the friend that acts like a silly goose.

For that one friend, who is dearer to you than most.

The moment right after finishing a project with your friends.

Seemingly animal or not, these kind of friends are a general experience

For that friend who’s obsessed with alien conspiracies.

For the friend addicted to energy drinks.

The friend that sends cheesy ‘good night’ and ‘good morning’ messages everyday and you have put up with them just because of notes.

For the friend who’s crazy about old bands.

For the friend who is somehow always broke.

Ahh well. For the friend who covers your back no matter what.

For that nerd friend who actually finished reading the LOTR series.

For the extremely rich friend who can actually afford a bed like this.

For the friend who is always correcting your English.

For the lowkey psycho friend that needs more than two pillows to sleep.

For the friend whose anxiety keeps him tripped on pills to be able to sleep.

For the one friend who would be brave enough to do this.

For the friend that uses his bed as a trampoline.

For that hardworking friend who has had a hard day’s night and needs to sleep like a log.

I hope he never runs out of herbs.

Just a few more some sleep jokes to tickle your brain

That one sarcastic friend who says everything with a straight face.

For that friend that could sleep anywhere, and anyhow. Even if he was hung upside down.

That boring friend who doesn’t know he’s boring.

For the friend whom everyone asks for relationship advice.

For the friend who doesn’t get offended by religious jokes.

For the friend who would sleep through his own kidnapping.

For the friend showing symptoms of becoming a future cat lady.

For the friend that still believes in fairy tales.

For that friend who plays the guitar and every girl in the school secretly has a crush on.

Now that you are equipped with a superpower that raises you to God level, you make wise use of it. You show your punk friends the spunk you’ve got. And when you’ve shown them all who’s the real pun boss, you go get a good night’s sleep. Life is good.


What is a good sleep pun?

They could be bed puns. Also, they usually involve cover-ups. You shouldn’t worry too much about thinking up good sleep puns, they aren’t something to lose sleep over. Although if you do lose sleep over them, you should probably give it a rest.

What are some examples of sleep puns?

You should re-read this article right now! But here are a few:
I’m so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed!
Last night my wife dramatically ripped the blankets off me. Don’t worry I’ll recover.
I haven’t slept in days. It’s a good thing I sleep at night though.
I told my son to tuck a ruler under his pillow. It’s good to know how long you sleep.

What puns to use at a sleepover?

While there are many, try these ones to be the star of the night.
I know I invited you guys for a sleepover, but make sure we don’t wake up sleeping over
each other in the morning.
I can’t sleep without a pill and I forgot to get mine. Can I use a pillow instead?
There was no space in the room and it was raining so he couldn’t sleep anywhere else. He had
to slip on the floor.

Featured image by Lisa Slavid.

This is a post by Krupa who has been trying to sleep peacefully since eternity. So, she joined a website that gives tips on to the sleep-deprived and the sleep lovers.

Feel free to connect with her on Instagram.

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