Sleep Pillows – The Soft Unsung Heroes

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The year is 2016, and Leonardo DiCaprio has just clenched his first-ever Academy Award for Best Actor. That, right there is a mood of happiness and triumph in the atmosphere; everyone used to say how his quality of work was always underappreciated and how he finally felt he got that deserving throne.

We all have a Dicaprio in our bedrooms.

Sure, that may sound like a dream for many. Also, I’m not referring to the actor but rather about the most important yet the most under-appreciated component of our sleep — the pillow.

Why Invest in Sleep Pillows?

A pillow is one of the ultimate sources of comfort and doubles up as a solid support system when it comes to sleeping. The formula is simple, the more comfortable the pillow is, the better the sleep one gets.

Have you ever thought of buying a new pillow for yourself? Well, if you have, here’s a list of some fabulous sleep pillows which we can’t seem to get over.

Dream Rite Foam Pillow

Ever went into a hotel room and felt that they’ve got the best soft pillows in the world? Well don’t worry, we have just let out a secret that can change your sleeping experience big time. Dream Rite super soft foam pillows are the reason for those amazing nights in the hotels wherein we all slept like babies.

Casper Sleep Pillow

The world-famous Casper is finally helping a lot of people sleep better, and it can help you too, should you wish to let him in your bedroom, don’t worry, I am not talking about the friendly child ghost, but about Casper Sleep Pillows. And we thought that naming a ghost brings bad luck :p

Amazon Basics Pillows

They say it’s a shame if anyone goes wrong with the basics. As one of the biggest e-commerce companies of the world, something that Amazon has managed to cling on and never go wrong is their Basics, and with their pillows, Amazon’s basic aim is to provide its users some amazing time in bed…..sleeping.

Sweetnight Bamboo Gel Pillow

I remember my mom warning me against using gel on my hair when I was little. But when it comes to Sweetnight Bamboo Gel Pillows, I’m sure that my mom would not mind me having my hair and head on the gel, which would hopefully help me get over some of my sleep disorders…. and yours too.

All Natural Latex Pillow

The best cure they say is turning to nature, so here we present to you the All Natural Latex pillow which also comes with a protective cover to help you preserve your pillow and sweet dreams.

Milemont Memory Foam Pillow

Being a person with bad memory, I often think about a place where memory could be bought or sold but that could have been false memory in itself. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at Milemont, whichs provide a wide range of memory foam pillows to let us sleep easy till the time the memory market is open.

UTTU Sandwich Pillow

Who doesn’t love a sandwich – the delightful pieces of bread with some of our favourite ingredients in the middle, It’s a treat cherished by many, but what if I told you, this very sandwich can help us sleep at peace and soothe our cervical pain? Confused? Don’t be.

UTTU brings to us the sandwich pillow which guarantees relief from cervical pains apart from providing sound sleep. After all, sandwiches can never go wrong, can they?

BeautyRest Pillows

As the adage goes, ‘The beauty deserves the best’. Well, you beautiful thing, you genuinely deserve sound sleep. To help you get that every night, BeautyRest Luxurious pillow set is a great option.

Rest when coupled with a sound sleep is BEAUTY’ful they say!

Perfect Cloud Diamond

Some things in life which are very difficult to achieve or acquire are perfection, flying in the clouds, and of course, diamonds. This ultimate collection of sleeping pillows apparently makes it easier and turns out to be a great life hack, at a very reasonable cost too.

This product has an extra feature that lets you doze off at night fairly well.

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Agedate Adjustable Pillow

We all seek someone who could adjust to our style and our way. Adjustment is perhaps the first requisition of a healthy relationship, and well we can’t be sure about your partner, but we can certainly be sure of is about this pillow right here.

It adjusts to your style and the level of comfort which you desire while sleeping. Agedate pillows are one of the most adjustable things we have seen till date 🙂

Sleepy Folks

The reason why I am writing this post and the reason why you are reading it perhaps both of us are Sleepy Folks belonging to the Sleepy Town. And I think this is the just-right sleeping accessory for us sleepyheads.

Contour Organic Pillows

If you’re an environment lover, here’s the ultimate chance for you to save the earth even when you sleep with Contour Organic Pillow, which is environment-friendly and sleep-friendly.


This is perhaps the most innovative pillow that I have come across while writing this article, I mean who would’ve thought of sleeping on a pillow made out of Buckwheat.

Contour Legacy

Writing and talking about head pillows is too mainstream, so break the stereotypes and behold, the Contour Legacy Leg pillows. These heart-shaped comforting pillows just took my breath away.


What is better than having any pillow? It’s having a MyPillow which can be us anytime, anywhere.

Sterns and Foster Jumbo Memory Foam Pillow

Have you ever heard about a pillow which gives you a punch of coolness each time you touch it? Well, that’s what Sterns and Foster have enabled its new cool to touch jumbo memory foam pillow to do. A night of good sleep with a cool head is indeed a cool idea.

SOFTaCARE Travel Pillows

When we talk about pillows, it would be unfair to leave the coveted and much-loved travel pillows out of this. I mean we can’t thank them enough for helping us sleep a little better in that crammed flight or the airport waiting areas. Coming on top of the league is the SOFTaCARE travel pillow which is truly a good companion to travel with, even if you don’t have someone who breathes life with you.

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

If you find travelling pillows to be bulky and awkward looking, then you are not alone. To counter this problem of shape and portability, we have just the right product for you. Twist memory foam travel pillows provide custom support for each and every kind of travel sleeper. It’s not just a travel pillow after all.

Trtl Pillow

Everything seems a little better when backed by pieces of evidence, and if those are scientific, there is nothing more that one can ask for. Trtl Pillows are scientifically proven soft rest pillows. We now know what makes the scientists last so long in their labs!

The Original Pillow with a Hole

We finally have something and someone which listens to our ears and lets us sink deep into it.

Trust me when I say this, pillows are a worthy investment and you shouldn’t stop at one either. Your life enhancement is just a click away. Go for it!

This post is by Abhishek Goel, a passionate writer who has curated content for Terribly Tiny Tales and other microblogging sites. He’s a person with a lot of dreams that usually follow after he goes to sleep. You can find him on Instagram.

Featured image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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