25 Relaxing Sleep Games to Play Before Bed

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Before civilisation, the concept of sleeping for longer hours never existed; our ancestors believed sleep was a passive activity to reenergize and go for the hunt or prevent getting hunted.

Both you and I are not in dire straits and are somehow lucky enough to have a roof above our heads, and more importantly, get decent sleep at night.

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A research study shows that 1 in every 3 adults often suffer from sleep deprivation. It can become quite obvious and holds a spot in one’s lifestyle.

Here’s the deal.

It’s super important to get in sync with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.

But how do you always stay in rhythm?

Regular, quality sleep.

While there are different ways to get closer to the “insomniac’s dream”, I bring to you a collection of games that you can easily play before you go to bed so that you fall asleep and not fall apart.

You’ll also find a summary on the playability and characteristics of each game.

Fall asleep with these relaxing online games

    1. Flow: Flow is an indie sorted video game created by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark. What you have to do is act like a tiny organism and swim around consuming other creatures in an aquatic environment. As a player, you have a mouth and a torso. When you eat things your way, the size and shape of your body changes. Your player dies if it’s eaten by another creature. This game is super relaxing and lovely to play as the brain starts to slow down its activities. You can download it from an Android or IOS Google Play Store.
    2. Home Sheep Home: You will love this game! This game can be found on Shaun, the sheep’s website, an animated series created by Aardman Animations. You have three fully controllable sheep of different sizes and all you need to do is get Timmy (the tiny sheep), Shaun (the medium sheep) and Shirley ( the heavily overweight sheep) over the barn towards the right of the screen. You can make use of swings, see-saws, ramps, steps, switches and paraphernalia. It is a laid back style of a game and I am sure it will help you turn off completely.


  1. Little Wheel: Little Wheel is a tricky puzzle game where you solve puzzles with your wits and logic. Your player is a tiny robot who will defy all odds with a mission to reactivate the power generator. You have different levels, with each level having interaction with different objects. As soon as you solve one level, you get access to the next ones. If you ever get stuck, use the walkthrough which is available for each level. A game that calms you down and wants you to win? Perfect.
  2. Bejeweled: Created by PopCap Games, Bejeweled is the most commonly installed game ever. You might have played this game before, but now, it’s time you relax while playing it. It was initially released in 2001, followed by five sequels. You can download any of the sequels you wish to play. It’s a series of tile-matching puzzles, where you match the common colour tiles to eliminate them and mark your progress. You win one level by eliminating all tiles. The highest score gets ranked in the leaderboard of players listed. You can play this game online and also download it from the Play Store.
  3. Echogenesis: Allow yourself to have an immersive experience with beautiful visuals to luscious stereophonic orchestration. It is typically not a game of puzzles, collect and run, etc. It involves a visual experience with forests, swamps and caves. You don’t lose or win, as this game lets you explore the world you see whilst the sounds that you may hear are created by interacting with various life forms across the game. Enjoy while it lasts! Search by the name, and you will find a number of websites to experience the tale. 

    Improve Your Sleep!

  4. Viridi: Released on Android on June 20, 2016, Viridi is a simulation video game that is just perfect for you. Your task as a player is to simply look after a pot of succulents in real-time. You can also sing to the succulents in order to make them grow faster. So adorable right! This game is to grow and look after fleshy and engorged plants. This game involves no logic and that is why it is less stressful and less messy.
  5. Two Dots: Two Dots is developed by American indie Studios Playdots, Inc. A series of puzzles where subsequent levels are unlocked when the previous level is beaten. All you have to do is connect the dots and form simple formations with points, power-ups and some spunky music.

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It’s a stress-free game designed for all age groups as one can choose to opt-out of the timer. Levels are grouped into worlds, and the first world comprises 10 levels. As per reports, it has 1510 levels, so you need not stress about the time.

8. Core is one such game that will help you fall asleep. As nights are meant to be dark, this fun game is designed to be played in the dark. It features a small source of light called Core, and that’s your player.

All you need to do is make a core move ahead by tapping through a maze of geometric puzzles. Each tap made delivers a heartbeat sound. The soul of the game is its complementing music which will alleviate your stress.

If you find ads, turn your Airplane mode on and get rid of them. Free on IOS and Android.

9. Dream Walker: Surely everyone has heard about sleepwalking. Sleepwalking is a behaviour disorder that originates during deep sleep.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to sleepwalk while playing this game. We bring to you a game called Dream Walker where you guide a girl called Anna through adventures in her dreams.

This is an excellent game for the ones who are looking for an adventurous format, as each level gets more difficult and faster. You have to control the timing of Anna’s turns which makes the games easier to play.

What’s good about the game is that it will make you fall asleep fairly quickly.

10. Antistress: As the name says, Antistress is a game that helps you relieve stress, calm your nerves with its soothing sound generators. Obviously when the stress reduces, sleep comforts all.

It’s a free collection of mini-games where you can play with wooden blocks, tap on the light switches, doodle with chalk and do much more to release some stress.

11. I Love Hue: For the ones who love colors, this game is just perfect for you. I Love Hue is a newcomer to the Google Play Store, formulating into a gentle journey of colours and perception. Your goal as a player is to reorganize the colored tiles so that all the connected hues flow from shade to shade into perfectly ordered spectrums.

You have Prisms as your coins, and you might need to spend them to move further ahead in the game.

12. Orbia: A tap and relax game available on Google Play store with colorful and high-end graphics. You turn into a cute fur ball as a player and your goal is to hop as far away as you can without dying.

The soundtrack feels serene and lets you fall asleep quickly. You can also play it easily with only one hand. Unlock hundreds of features by finishing subsequent levels.

13. Tiles Hop: Published by Amanotes, this 2D arcade game is not exactly meant to help you sleep but it aids in inducing sleep by playing a relaxing song. Your aim as a player is to bounce as far as possible with a tiny ball.

This tiny ball comes with a slider and it automatically hops on the tiles. Your game ends when the ball does not land on a tile.

Simple, right? Try it out.

14. Infinity Loop: This is a very simple game with a basic concept and not much action. All you need to do is rotate the pieces you see on screen to create complete and infinite shapes.

Shape lovers, this one’s for you. Tap on every shape, and rotate in any direction you like. Your level completes when the structure on the screen seems closed and complete. T

his game features moderate visuals with an ambient soundtrack.

15. Alto’s Adventure: This endless runner snowboarding video game gives you the most action-packed gaming experience for Android. In the game, the character jumps over huge chasms and outrun mysterious mountains by performing various tricks.

This game is suited for those who love action. Now you might wonder, how does action lead to a peaceful sleep? Well, try playing this game – you will definitely fall into a trance-like state.

16. Monument Valley: Developed and Published by Ustwo games, this indie puzzle game allows you to fall into sound sleep with its pleasant sound effects. Its audio design lulls you into a state of calm.

Your character leads a princess named Ida through a series of various mazes of optical illusions. The player tries to manipulate the world around the princess to reach the designated platform and that is where your level ends. Consider this game for some soothing music.

17. Stack: Stack up the block as high as you can. Yes, you read it right. Stack has a very simple gameplay where you build blocks on one another to create the highest tower.

It comes up in the list of relaxing games to play before bed due to its soothing background score and a very basic concept. The block you put should match the block below or the leftover part gets dozed off. As simple as that.

18. Journey: Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Journey is an indie adventure game where a player controls a robed figure in an unknown vast desert. You have to travel mountains on long distances, and in that journey, you meet other players too.

Once you meet another player, the two of you can assist each other. The players can only communicate with each other through a musical chime which ultimately induces an emotional connection between them.

19. Sheep Sleep – A Hardcore Game: Remember counting sheep when you couldn’t sleep. Now no more! Here’s a peaceful sleep game with decent gameplay.

You play a sleeping kid and your aim is to count the sheep and fall asleep. Easy, right?

The game format shows you a certain number of sheep passing through the entire room and you have to guess the exact number of sheep or else, the kid wakes up. That’s what you call a sleep game.

20. Mini Metro: Developed by the indie development team Dinosaur Polo Club, Mini Metro is a puzzle strategy video game in which the players are tasked with constructing a well-structured rail transit network for a rapidly growing city.

Unlike the usual puzzle game, Mini Metro consists of levels based on real cities and the appearance of passengers and stations is procedurally generated.

How do you play? You need to build tracks & connect them by drawing lines. Link stations with one another and help passengers reach their desired station.

21. Minecraft: Designed by Markus Persson and Jenn Bergensten, you can play Minecraft however you want. It has different modes under which you can play.

For a bedtime game, the most appropriate mode is peaceful mode. This is a super relaxing game as all you have to do is create your own world by collecting things on your way and building your empire. It’s for the creative folks out there. I’m looking at you!

22. Stardew Valley: Originally published by Chucklefish, Stardew valley is a simulation role-playing video game. The player is permitted to do various activities such as growing crops, raising livestock, crafting goods, etc.

To run away from the hustle of the city, the player takes control of his deceased grandfather’s dilapidated farm in a place called Stardew Valley.

Sounds interesting, right? You can play this game together with three others. A simplified calendar of each year having four months of 28-days each is used. In this format, the character is evaluated every third year.

23. ABZU: Filled with adventure, ABZU is a video game developed by Giant Squid Studios. Unlike other survival games where you hunt for food while running out of oxygen, ABZU allows the player to freely navigate the ancient ruins of the underwater environment.

You get to explore the entire ocean and with the use of magical springs, you can restore life as well. The game is to get to know the ocean. Your stress will diminish as you will see ABZU spending his time watching the exquisite subterranean fauna. Try this out for sure!

24. Donut County: Have you ever felt that the ground should flip open and swallow you up? Hope not!

In this indie video game, your character moves a hole and swallows objects. Your skill lies in controlling a hole to swallow objects through different levels. After each level, the hole increases in size. It’s a lot of fun with brightly coloured objects falling into the abyss.

Don’t worry about the diet! Play it right away.

25. Breadth of Light: Considered as an enchanting relaxing game, Breadth of Light has puzzles in which the user has to reorganize and reset stones. Once the player resets all the stones, they come to life and your level is finished. There is no time limit as this game is specially designed to reduce anxiety.

Make your screentime a gateway to sleep time

And, that covers the list of some of the best relaxing games to play before bed. Watch this space to find more titles added to the list.

I’m sure by now you must have just figured out which ones to try. I suggest bookmarking this article so that you can revisit and try out a different one.

It’s important to minimize screen time to tackle sleep deprivation but if you’re an addict such as myself, it’ll be quite difficult to cut down on the habit.

Fear not, pick up a game from the list and welcome yourself to the world of games and sleep.

I will see you soon in my next blog where I’ll talk more about sleep and the ways to sleep swiftly.

Till then, Eat-Work-Play-Sleep!

This is a post by Durriyah Cal, who studies graphics designing. She passionately works towards writing and certainly believes that readers might find their voice through her words.

Featured image – Alto’s Adventure

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