Sleep Bras – The Sleeping Support That You Need

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To mankind, sleeping has always been equivalent to comfort and pleasure.

I mean the first thing that I look forward to after waking up in the morning is to ponder about the next opportunity to sleep again. And, like me, there are millions who toil through a hard day in anticipation of a good night’s sleep.

In the olden days, people traditionally used to wear nightgowns and dresses which were quite heavy and uncomfortable to stay in and sleep. As time progressed, everything including sleepwear changed, and a new and more comfortable piece of clothing took its place.

Enter sleep bras.

Why Sleep Bras?

Designed especially for sleeping, these bras provide more than just comfort or support to women, they also guarantee that the ladies get up refreshed and rejuvenated after a good and comfy night sleep.

Here are some of the specially designed sleeping bras for all of us to check out.

Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution

Perhaps the highest-rated sleep bra available on Amazon, this comes in 7 sizes and more than 20 colours.

Someone is definitely going to have a more colourful night with Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution.

Warner’s Women Easy Bra

Warner’s Women Easy Bra has over 5 colors to choose from. Warner makes the much ‘hated’ bra easier for women to wear.

Hanes Women’s Ultimate Comfy Support

Ever wondered how to get the ultimate comfortable support for a good night’s sleep? Hanes seems to have found the answer to that question in their collection of soft sleeping bras that’s easy to fit.

Warner’s Women’s Cloud 9 – Contour bra

Ever dreamt of sleeping on cloud 9? Well, Warner’s has just made that possible with their series of Cloud- Wire-free bralettes.

Mendella Nursing Bra

Who could’ve thought that one day, bras would enhance medical benefits? Mendella Nursing Bra does exactly that and it’s a perfect night partner for breastfeeding mothers, and anyone who wants to have good support throughout the night.

Bravado! Designs Nursing bra/h2>

Well, Bravado is not too far behind Mendella in providing safe and comfortable nursing bras to newly become mothers and other women seeking comfortable sleep. After all, their bras are just Bravado!!!

Just My Size

Perhaps, the best name that I’ve come across all this while, this is a sleep bra which no one hates because it’s appropriately named. 100 points for branding!

Oh so Light

These days everybody wants to be a little light, so does your sleeping bra, that would help you have a good and a night of light sleep. Thinking why you should buy it? It’s simple, it is light and rhymes with the night. No, for real – it’s very light.

Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back

In these days of advancements and technology, even bras have gone wireless, which enhance their wearability and comfort manifold, and we thought only gizmos could be wireless.

Hofish Nursing Bras

What is better than a comfortable and good looking sleep bra?

A pack of three comfortable and good looking sleep bralettes.


Have you ever heard the term ‘Yummy’ being used in the context of bras? Me neither, so breaking the set precedents, ‘Yummie’ has launched a range of temperature control bras which plays an important in regulating the body temperature, So the next time when things turn hot, you know whom to blame.

Sleep bras from other renowned brands

Third Love

third love sleep bra

Fall in love again, but this time, with this super comfy bra which will help you get a better night sleep.

Negative Underwear

negative underwear sleep bra

Don’t go by the name, getting this bralette for sleeping would perhaps turn out to be a ‘Positive’ decision, nobody likes negativity anyway 🙂

Calvin Klein

calvin klein sleep bra

Who hasn’t heard about this clothing supergiant, Calvin Klein boasts of having a great variety of comfortable daily-use lingerie including work and sleep bras which provide amazing support and overall comfort.


aerie sleep bra

Aerie brings out the perfect bras which could be put to other uses as well as sleeping, every girl deserves the best and going by this adage, I think every girl deserves an Aerie.


spankx sleep bra

Living up to its name, Spankx sleep bras make sleeping a little more fun and exciting. Probably.


everlane sleep bra

This perhaps one of the best lanes that you won’t regret taking on your way to a night of good sleep.

Richer Poorer

richer poorer sleep bra

It is a well-known fact that the rich may have access to a lot of luxuries but what they also have access to is poor sleep, so presenting the Richer Poorer bralette which perhaps would turn your poor sleep into a richer one.

True and Co

true and co sleep bra

One of the most loved virtues that anyone can possess is that of being true to oneself and others, expanding the horizons of this virtue, True and Co has launched a series of comfortable sleep bra which would help you stay true and loyal to a sleepy slumber.


soma sleep bra

Known for their non-heavy and easy to maintain lingerie, Soma also produces some fine sleep bras to enable their customers to get a better and sound sleep

FAQs: Sleep Bras

What are sleep bras?

The term 'sleep bra' is commonly used to refer to lightweight and comfortable bralette which aids in sleeping or doing household chores, or just lazing around. In recent times, it has gone on to become the most used kind of bralette in the entire world.

How can a sleep bra help in sleeping?

Being extra soft, adjustable and super lightweight, these bras are a better alternative to the traditional bras which might become a little uncomfortable for sleeping. Sleep bras provide support and comfort and wearing it feels like you have nothing on at all, which is perhaps something that ladies look for while sleeping at night.

Where can they be bought from?

Sleep bras are easily available on major e-commerce websites like Amazon, Zivame, etc. If you'd like to search for more specific brands, you'll have to visit the respective websites.

Are sleep bras expensive?

The price varies depending on the kind of material, the overall quality, and the brand value.

This post is by Abhishek Goel, a passionate writer who has curated content for Terribly Tiny Tales and other microblogging sites. He’s a person with a lot of dreams that usually follow after he goes to sleep.

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