Sleep Blankets – Magical & Reposeful

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We always go through difficult times.

Especially, when forced to stay away from our loved ones for a really long time.

So, who comes to aid when you miss being hugged? Who embraces us warmly whenever we feel cold? Who has been by our side during those happy late-night talks and our heartfelt late-night sobbing?

It’s that magical piece of soft wool or cloth which we fondly call our “blanky”.

What started as a humble piece to protect our ancestors from the blizzard has taken many forms today, and emerged to be one of the best accessories for sleep.

Editor’s Top Pick

Burrito Blanket

Specially made for the foodie and of course, the sleeper in you! This is truly a state-of-the-art innovation – a burrito which would keep you warm through the night (and make you seem eatable!).

Driven by the passion and love for all things food and sleep, I pledge my allegiance to the Burrito kingdom. Use our special link to morph into a life-sized burrito.

PS: Billie is not included.

Now let’s go window-shopping for other top-rated sleep blankets!

1. Bedsure Fleece Blanket

Perhaps the only thing that you may seek after a long day is sound sleep in a cosy bed. Make that more comfortable with the Bedsure Fleece blanket, which comes in 7 sizes and colour choices.

2. DISSA Sherpa Fleece Blanket

What is better than a warm and a cosy blanket?

A FLUFFY, warm and cosy blanket. That’s exactly what Sherpa offers in its new fleece blanket, what’s even better is that you can throw it on your couch and it will just blend in…Just saying.

3. Decorative Extra Soft Fur Throw Blanket

Shaggy hair has always been a point of disapproval between a lot of elders and the young people across the globe, but when it comes to Decorative extra soft fur throw blanket, I guess even elders won’t mind having soft shaggy hair on their blankets.

4. FairyShe Cartoon Sherpa Blanket

I think it’s unfair to keep something for children out of this list since we have a certain following which is under 16, we have got something for our young friends – FairyShe Cartoon Sherpa Blanket ensures a colourful and wonderful night of sleep. Psst, we can always buy it for the child in us…

5. Ukeler Flannel Sherpa Blanket

What happens when a Sherpa goes to Bohemia?

He blends in, just like Ukeler Flannel Sherpa Blanket Bohemian Soft Plush Blanket, which becomes a part of our beds and provides warmth and cosiness.

6. Ecuadane Large Handwoven Blanket

For those who think blankets are just pieces of cloth to cover ourselves, this blanket is a perfect example that proves the blanket is a piece of woven art.

7. A Nice Night BOHO blanket

What makes a normal night nice?

A printed BOHO blanket. These blankets come in almost 6 different designs for us to choose from and let me tell you, all of them are fab. Don’t trust me? Explore their designs.

8. Sleepwish Unicorn Blanket

Just like unicorns, even a good round of sleep may seem like a myth to many, widely talked about but rarely seen. In reality, this particular sleep blanket infused with unicorn-magic is a big sigh of relief.

9. AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket

Talking about myths, the other most one is that of a mermaid. Well with these Mermaid Tail blankets, our daughters can sleep like one.

10. Zulay Giant Burrito Blanket

Zulay brings to us a Giant Burrito Blanket. Who would’ve thought that we can give life to the term, Bed Burrito? Definitely, not me!

11. Snuggle Sniff Fresh Mint Blanket

Don’t get me wrong, this blanket isn’t scented or smells like mint but what is it then? It is super soft, snuggly and cute, and perfect for an amazing night.

12. Grace Soft Luxuries

Though it is not legally possible for us to have a leopard skin on our beds or anywhere in our possession to tackle this issue, Grace Soft Luxuries has brought to us Leopard Skin blankets which are super soft and comfortable. Now, there is finally a way for us to sleep like a cat.

13. Beauty Rest Heated Blankets

Perhaps, one of the most unique kinds of blanket that I’ve ever come across in a long long time. No, I’m not talking about its heating feature, but the foot pocket validates the fact that beauty truly needs rest.

14. Richave Fleece All Seasons Blanket

Break the pre-set norms and notions on how blankets can only be handy and useful during the winters is the fresh Richave Fleece All Seasons Blanket.

Yes, they can be used for all the other seasons.

15. Exclusivo Mezcle Super Soft Queen Blanket

This super-soft fleece blanket which doubles as a bed cover too is akin to today’s generation which beliefs in multi-tasking with ease. That’s not all, it comes in almost it comes in 5 sizes and a whopping 31 colour options.

16. Polyester Single Bed AC Blanket

We often face the problem of the AC getting too cold at night and for sleepers like me, it is very hard to find the motivation to get up and switch it off. If you are lazy, we have the Polyester Single bed AC Blanket, which makes sleeping comfortably cool.

17. Hours Brown Room Temperature Blanket

Presenting to you the Hours Brown room temperature blanket. Well, even we were surprised just like you are right now.

18. Flannel Polyester Blankets

This is perhaps the most comfortable and colourful option to put your young ones to sleep. With almost 10 colour combinations to choose from, it would be safe to say that your choice matters.

19. Polyester Super Soft Blankets

They say, the simpler the better, these simple-looking super comfy blankets are live examples to this adage, available in all basic colours. This is great comfort!.

20. Lamb Hooded Blanket

This is the cutest blanket ever, though it isn’t for everyone. I can’t stop drooling. I wish I was a kid again.

FAQs: Sleep Blankets

What is a blanket?

Google defines blanket as a “large piece of soft cloth, large enough to cover a large part of the user’s body". What it misses out is the fact that it is an emotion without which our sleep would never remain the same.

How many types of blankets are there?

When it comes to that, many types flood the markets. Ranging from Afghan to Sherpa, Fleece to Heated, and Weighted, there is much diversity with each of them having its unique features and uses.

How do I choose a blanket for myself?

The short answer is to take the following factors in consideration - comfort, cost, durability and material quality. Another important attribute is softness, which directly impacts the comfort, followed by weight, nature and the climatic conditions of where you live. You don't need a thick woollen blanket if you live somewhere with scorching temperatures.


Blankets have been around for a very long time and it is safe to say that their importance has rightfully increased over the centuries.

They are an integral and essential part of our sleep. They’re the next best thing to dogs! Love them, and they’ll give you combo nights of good sleep.

Transform into a burrito or a lamb but it’ll be the best decision of your life!

Photo by S L on Unsplash

This post is by Abhishek Goel, a passionate writer who has curated content for Terribly Tiny Tales and other microblogging sites. He’s a person with a lot of dreams that usually follow after he goes to sleep.

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