The Best ASMR Videos For Sleep – Can It Help You Fall Asleep?

asmr for sleep

Have you ever tried to examine your surroundings?

Imagine you are in a coffee shop. The person next to your table is typing away on a laptop. The constant clickety-clacking creates a peculiar sound which you’ll begin to notice if you focus.

You would also tend to eavesdrop on different people if the focus game is stronger.

The coffee arrives and a person sitting beside you leaves their book unattended. A gust of wind blows resulting in a fluttering of pages.

Do these annoy or satisfy you?

For many, the sheer sight and the sounds of these ordinary events can act as a stimulus.

It’s more than just a myriad of sensations. This opens up several questions.

  • What is this strange tingly feeling?
  • Why does your body react to certain sounds in a particular way?
  • Is this common?
  • Can these sounds help you relax and even sleep?

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27 Sleep Memes For Those Who Can’t Sleep

sleep memes

About 2 years ago, a survey was conducted by Amerisleep, a mattress company showed that people are happy because they get good sleep.

On average, a “happy person” gets 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Those who get fewer could be happy too often but run into problems that originate due to the lack of quality sleep. This results in stress which takes a toll on happiness levels.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

I have compiled a couple of memes related to sleep which will definitely make your day if you’ve been feeling sleep deprived and I hope you’ll get a good round of sleep tonight.

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