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I discovered SEO in mid-2016 when I was trying to figure out what's the best career option for someone who's in love with the Internet itself.

There were many results that showed up. However, most webpages talked about 'establishing oneself as an authority'.

It occurred to me that the best way to go about it would be to rank my own name on Google.

And then it started with that simple search phrase- 'how do I rank my name on google?'.

A few searches later, I figured that building social profiles and doing SEO were surefire ways of getting it done. But then, I had to beat 1000s of other 'rahul v j's to game the system.

Shortly, I quit my first job, joined a training institute which asked for $500 so that I could earn an "SEO certification". I barely had $200 back then. I negotiated that I'd work as an employee for free, for 6 months so that I could cover the course fees, and the deal was made.

I learned a bit of HTML, CSS, and on-page optimization but it wasn't working very well. I knew I had to get into a real thriving agency with clients. It was difficult to do without completing a "certified course".

I was going broke but I did have enough money to get myself a domain and some shared server space to build a website and then, The Two Sided was born.

two sided reviews

I had this idea of writing two-sided reviews of products and created ten 1000+ word blog posts on different smartphones.

Well, nothing happened. The blog was indexed after a month or so and the pages were not even in the first 10 pages of the SERPs.

Despite that, I thought of tracking my progress as an SEO by creating a standalone page called The Seo Journal.

In the meantime, I got hired by an Internet Marketing agency with a decent reputation and an impressive clientele in Canada. And that's when I started to learn the art of link-building.

I had to create roadmaps, identify competitors, and find the best means of acquiring/building links based on the industry and keyword competition. The primary focus was on building quality links in a designated amount of time.


I've served clients in different niches and achieved consistent results in terms of growth (organic traffic, leads, backlinks, and domain authority).

For example, here's the growth pattern of Surplus Furniture, which was one of the biggest client accounts I've handled for 6 months.

Growth - Organic Traffic (Surplus)
Growth - Organic Leads & Backlinks

Surplus Furniture also produced around 100 keywords ranking on the first page of the SERPS which resulted in the major proportion of traffic.

Here's the mean distribution of my top-10 performing clients in 2018 with the 4 metrics.

Results Overview

More performance metrics for the top 11 clients in the following niches:

  1. Home Improvement
    • Surplus Furniture
    • Canglow Windows & Doors
    • Guardian Storage
    • Revival Flooring
  2. Security & Surveillance
    • Protection Plus
    • Optimum Security
    • Canadian Security Professionals
  3. Vaping
    • iBliss Vapor
    • JJ Trading
  4. Health & Wellness
    • CPAP Outlet
  5. Dating & Relationships
    • Bespoke Matchmaking
_ Growth - Organic Traffic
_ Growth - Organic Leads
_ Link Building Campaigns
Domain Authority

Favourite SEO Tools

SEO Audit


 Content Strategy + Research


Domain Analysis


Keyword Research




Web Scraping


Email Prospecting

clearbit logo

Email Outreach




I experiment with different tools while following a methodical approach when it comes to SEO.

I'm also certified in Hubspot Content Marketing, Google Ads Search Advertising, and Google Advanced Analytics.


My work has been featured in the following publications:

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