Sleep Internship | Get Paid to Sleep

sleep internship get paid to sleep

If you’re thinking this is clickbait, you’ve misunderstood, fellow sleeper.

Have you ever thought what your dream job would be like? Not in the mood to think?

That’s okay. I’ll help you visualise.

Imagine you can sleep on the job, with your team members rooting for you and singing you lullabies to help you doze off, even if you were to wake up due to the slightest disturbance.

Sounds like a dream that’s too good to be true? Well, I’ve got news for you then.

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In-Game Advertising

in game advertising

Product placements in video games, in the ad format of In-Game Advertising (IGA), is increasingly speeding up the advertising boom in the gaming platform.

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Based on the specific needs of the advertiser, IGA could be done in various formats to effectively promote the brand in the forms of static advertising and dynamic advertising in games. It focuses on advertising the product in a more engaging and interesting manner. Continue reading “In-Game Advertising”

Top PC, Console and Mobile Gaming Blogs [2019]

Are you a hardcore gamer trying to find the next best title, a casual gamer who has gotten bored of the side-scrolling platform you’ve been playing?

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