National Anthem in Cinema Halls: A Dreadful Tale of False Patriotism

national flag displayed in national anthem cinema halls

You’re elated as you’ve finally landed the last of the remaining tickets for the first-day show of your favourite movie. Your excitement knows no bounds as you clutch your popcorn and coke while waiting eagerly for the movie to begin.

Suddenly you’re caught unaware as the national anthem booms over the speakers and an image of the national flag flutters on screen.  Continue reading “National Anthem in Cinema Halls: A Dreadful Tale of False Patriotism”

GoQii Band Review: 6 Months Later

goqii band six months review
A wearable device that tracks your every move

There’s no better feeling than getting paid to walk. Also, it gets even better when there is a fitness coach that motivates you to keep moving forward and fills you up with healthy food choices.

GoQii introduced their only product a few years back offering as many features as what any expensive Fitbit would.

The GoQii band has many features which transform it into a serious competitor in the fitness technology segment. Continue reading “GoQii Band Review: 6 Months Later”