The Light Side


The Critic appears to be quite hearty while adding Light Sided Reviews (commonly abbreviated, LSR).

In simple words, this category contains the reviews on products which are deemed a great success. Different categories of products will be covered in this section and you can expect fresh content every week. The Critic would either highlight the best features or a random number of reasons why product X is too good to be true.

You might occasionally find products which you’ve never even heard of. The Critic knows where to look for these products as long as they are useable by lifeforms. And I assure you that The Critic would make you want to add what he finds to your collection.

Just as expected, The Light Side is in a never-ending war with The Dark Side. The sides will exchange blows on the battlefield. the ultimate

But, in the end, you wield the ultimate weapon. You can choose to hand it over to either side. That weapon is your mind!