Managing Body Pains and Sleep Issues with Let’s Sleep Better

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It isn’t necessary that only insomnia and sleep disorders can keep you awake all night. Sometimes you can’t sleep even if you are feeling sleepy. One of the main reasons is that your body is not comfortable. Backache, neck pain, knee pain can also give you painful and sleepless nights.

Pillow Talk with Let's Sleep Better

Our second sleep influencer is Let’s Sleep Better. You can check their Instagram profile here. Let’s Sleep Better is helping people by pointing out their problem zones and curing them. They have come up with this amazing Orthopaedic Knee Pillow, which helps people to sleep pain-free. The pillow is helpful for side sleepers and those who are suffering from lower back and hip pain. It also helps in joint spine alignment and it can also work as pregnancy support.

We got a chance to talk to Let’s Sleep Better and discuss how body aches and pains can affect our sleep pattern. Without any further delay, let’s get started!


You are helping people to sleep healthier. How do you define healthy sleep?

Firstly, healthy sleep is always painless. It happens fast and easily, with no effort. It should be deep and long enough to let you feel refreshed and energized after waking up.

You’ve come up with amazingly high-quality knee pillows for side sleepers. When did the idea of selling a knee pillow light up? What made you feel that this could help people to sleep better?

Thank you so much! To be honest, there’s no heroic founding story for our pillow. In spring months last year, we saw this kind of pillows and were amazed by the idea. And it seemed to help people. But most products on the market had poor quality: synthetic fabric, plastic packaging, low-quality memory foam. We wanted to work on each of these points. And create high-quality environment-friendly products instead.

People usually use your knee pillow for lower backache and spine issues as well, right? However, do you really think this pillow can help those who are suffering from chronic arthritis? If yes, how?

Right, we have great feedback from our customers. Some of them report pain relief in the lower back, some got rid of pain in knees or hip joints. And some of them are really surprised by the result. 🙂

But each body is different. If the pain is caused by the wrong posture, a knee pillow can align it. However, as miraculous as it is, a pillow isn’t able to heal such chronic diseases as arthritis. But for sure, it can provide a more comfortable and enjoyable sleep.

Pillow Talk with Let's Sleep Better

After the success of the knee pillow, are you planning to come up with any other sleep-related products? If yes, what are you planning to launch next?

A couple of weeks ago we launched our second Knee Pillow. The filling of it is a little different. The memory foam is infused with gel particles. They don’t allow the memory foam to change its density in a warm environment. Furthermore, we started to offer high-quality replacement cover for knee pillows.

We are also working on another product which is not on a market yet. So, it’ll stay a secret for now.

Okay, so let’s wait for the secret!

According to you, what are the key reasons for insomnia? And to what extent these external add-ons like mattresses and pillows could help?

All humans, their lifestyles, and habits are different. So there could be many reasons. However, when it’s not a serious health issue yet, then the main reason for it definitely would be stress. So the best way to help yourself with insomnia would be stress reduction. A good mattress or a great pillow would be a nice addition to meditation, exercise, and some “me-time” in the evening.

You also started “LET’S SLEEP BETTER – 7 days challenge”. What was this challenge about and what were the outcomes? To sleep better in 7 days is indeed a challenge for many. What do you do to reach your goal in this challenge?

With this challenge, we tried to share Better Sleep Insights in an enjoyable way. Actually it’s a 7 days e-mail sequence. Each day readers are getting new sleep improvement tips, tricks, and know-how. And they can practice it straight away.

However, recently we’re working on something bigger and more interesting stuff. So the challenge will be replaced with another adventure. So stay tuned!

Would you like to give some effective sleep tips for our sleep-deprived readers?

With pleasure! 😉

Dear Great-Sleep-Admirers,

Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have! Try to move more during the day. For example, walk to your work or park your car further, to walk more.

Take care of your mind, so it allows you to rest in the night. Try to write journals and meditate, to unwind and relax.

And finally, always spread love and positivity!

Thank you!


Woah! Our Pillow Talk with Let’s Sleep Better was so informative. A comfortable body is an essential prerequisite for a comfortable sleep. If you feel you are unable to sleep better, try to analyse your body. If you feel you are facing some chronic aches or pains, consult a doctor or try some orthopaedic pillows as mentioned above.

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