Dimo Video Converter Ultimate Review: Convert & Make Your Own Videos For Presentations

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Video conversion is a pretty simple task.

You can find many online applications or software to help you with the process.

But, why is there the need to convert videos anyway? Here are some good reasons:

  • A video format such as MP4 is compatible with almost every device.
  • Compile a video based on a series of other popular ones. Example: A video for your Star Trek fan page on Facebook.
  • Convert to audio to extract movie quotes, dialogues and sound effects.
  • Extract music from videos to create remixes for your upcoming album

Those are generic situations. How about a real-life one?

Well, imagine you’re required to prepare a presentation. You and I know how easy it would be if you include a video in one of the slides. Also, I’ve noticed that very few presenters embed videos into their presentations. The main trick here is to let the video do most of the talking for you. But the only problem is that it’s likely that the jury (or your bosses) would find it unappealing if there is no real work done in the video.

Complete video editing takes a lot of time, and you’d only be creating the slides, the night before the deadline (hey, we’ve all been there). And, hence it’s not recommended for such situations.

So, what can you do?

Find videos. Convert. Make small edits. Upload. Embed.

This guide will help you create presentations with rich content using a very easy-to-use tool. Read on find out.

Step 0: Find videos

Go to YouTube.

Say, I need to prepare a presentation on volcanoes. Search using queries like “what are volcanoes”, “facts about volcanoes” or something relevant.

searching for volcanoes on youtube

Choose 2-3  high-quality videos which explain about volcanoes in detail using real footages or animations. The thing is that the creators of these videos have already done all the hard work and what you need to do is take bits of each and put it all together.

Make sure that you don’t spend too much time on this. I’ll explain why in Step 2.

Sounds simple enough? It’s going to get way easier.

Step 1: Convert

For conversion, I’ll be using a tool called Dimo Video Converter Ultimate (link at end of the post). Yeah, all video converters have really long names. So, here’s how it’s done.

Repeat the process for the other video(s). Now, it’s time to cut it short and arrange it.

Step 2: Edit

Fade in. Fade out. Sounds unfamiliar? Let me explain.

Now that you have the content ready, you’re halfway there. At this point, you’re free to use any basic video editing software that you like. For basic tasks, I pop in the video to Windows Movie Maker and do the needful.

The trick here is to add animations and effects with cinematic music. Who doesn’t get impressed by a super cool soundtrack?

For instance, cut parts of the two (or three) videos, add a ‘fade out’ effect at the end, ‘fade in’ in the beginning of each part with a piece of music and there you have it- a “unique” video. Check this out:

Step 3: Upload

If you have a YouTube channel, this would be easy to do. Or if you don’t, create a new channel and upload the video.

Step 4: Embed

Here’s how you embed the video to the presentation slide.

embed video

Then, you copy the embed code.

copy embed code

Open Powerpoint and click the Insert Video option.

Proceed to paste the code.

paste embed code

And you’re done!

Or you can simply paste the link to the video you uploaded to YouTube and add it to the presentation slide. This will keep the file size low but make sure you have an active internet connection when you’re about to do the presentation.

Presentation – Check!

With these steps, it may look like you’ve pulled an effective all-nighter to prepare content worthy to be called a masterpiece. In reality, it’s just a simple life hack that you’ve learned.

Also, there’s a free version of the Dimo Video Converter Ultimate which you can try out. You can also crop, rotate, trim, adjust brightness/saturation/contrast, add effects, watermarks and create 3D effects with ease. This just means that you don’t need to use a different tool for step 2.

However, the trial version only lets you convert just 1 video. Here’s a comparison chart that shows you the multitude of features you would miss out if you don’t get the full version!

dimo video converter ultimate review comparison

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the complete package and enjoy a 30% discount!

Presentations without videos are a thing of the past. Don’t you think it’s time for an upgrade? Cheers!

If you felt the Dimo Video Converter Ultimate review was helpful, leave a comment below and share it with people who can keep a secret (don’t let your bosses/teachers know). Have an exciting day ahead!

Image sources: feature image, comparison chart

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