The Dark Side


Welcome to the dark sided reviews. The easiest thing to do in the world is finding flaws in everything around you. The Critic excels in that.

For the right reasons, of course.

Every product launched ever is marketed in a way that makes it look like the next best thing. What The Critic intends to show you with the Dark Sided Reviews (DSR) is why product X is not as good as they claim.

There is always a lot of boasting involved just to get the name of X across. Why are the marketers reluctant to make even the slightest reference to the disadvantages of X?

The Critic believes that it needs to stop. Because the element of honesty is missing.

So, every week, whenever something pops up in The Light side, expect a counter review. Also, you would be able to find negative reviews of any product here.

The Critic leaves the judging part to you regardless of which side you choose.