69 Shows to Watch When You Want to Fall Asleep

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69 Shows To Watch When You Want To Fall Asleep

PLOT TWIST! This article is written by a regular contributor and The Critic. Her thoughts and opinions are in normal font. The Critic prefers the slant.

2020 has a really rough start.

Remember when you just wanted to stay at home and relax. Well, due to the unfortunate spread of this COVID-19 epidemic, we are forced to stay indoors and avoid social interactions. This wasn’t my idea of a break. Well, anyway, moving on.

All that endless scrolling on social media feeds must have gotten you bored by now. Yep.

You want to rest, but you can’t fall asleep.

You want to read but you don’t have enough energy.

Even music has let you down!

All you need now is something, which is more engaging and relaxing. Or perhaps, boring.

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Sleep Deprivation | A Pocket-Friendly Checklist

sleep deprivation reasons

We tend to forget that a good round of sleep is necessary for the body to operate normally and prevent sleep deprivation. A study conducted in 2016 revealed that 1 in every 3 adults face sleep deprivation on a regular basis.

[bctt tweet=”Sleep deprivation is a condition that affects your overall health and it’s normally due to stress, anxiety, depression and poor sleeping habits.” username=”The_Two_Sided”]

In this article, you’ll find a very simple checklist to combat sleep deprivation, that you can add to your notes, take a screenshot or download, to keep it handy.

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