In-Game Advertising

in game advertising

Product placements in video games, in the ad format of In-Game Advertising (IGA), is increasingly speeding up the advertising boom in the gaming platform.

IGA beats the conventional way of promoting a brand or product. Click To Tweet

Based on the specific needs of the advertiser, IGA could be done in various formats to effectively promote the brand in the forms of static advertising and dynamic advertising in games. It focuses on advertising the product in a more engaging and interesting manner. Continue reading “In-Game Advertising”

Top PC, Console and Mobile Gaming Blogs [2019]

Are you a hardcore gamer trying to find the next best title, a casual gamer who has gotten bored of the side-scrolling platform you’ve been playing?

Or are you a developer scavenging for ideas on the world wide web?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you want the best gaming content at your fingertips, you should definitely visit these websites and subscribe. Continue reading “Top PC, Console and Mobile Gaming Blogs [2019]”

Some Major Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Theories That Are Scary

The global financial world happens to be very dynamic and ever-fluctuating. A number of economic and social events are taking place around the world, which has severe consequences. The same can be said for the decisions and policies adopted by the different governments of the world.

Many financial instruments and innovative products have been introduced to meet the ever rising demand of investors and finance enthusiasts. In recent years, the financial world has witnessed the rise of a new digital form of currency; cryptocurrency. Continue reading “Some Major Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Theories That Are Scary”