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Sleep masks, the thing that is mostly seen on protagonists of romcoms or people sleeping on flights. Sleep masks are often seen as mere sleep accessories. But I am here to tell you that they are so much more!

Humans need the dark to sleep, it’s a scientific fact. However, we can’t always get a dark space for our sleep. Sometimes it is because you are traveling. Other times you are sharing a room and your sibling won’t let you switch off the light. Maybe you just want to have a good nap in the afternoon. It is in these moments we realize sleep isn’t that easy. But lucky for us, sleep masks come to our rescue!

Sleep masks cover your eyes and remove excess light. They also help in releasing the hormones necessary for sleep. However, they are not just good for your sleep. These masks also reduce symptoms of insomnia, attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Depression and anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Sleep masks also prove to be a cheap and natural method of dealing with insomnia, stress, and fatigue. They are much less of a hassle as compared to consulting medical professionals or taking medicines. Therefore, I cannot stress enough on how necessary it is to inculcate the habit of using sleep masks. Both, to improve the length and quality of your sleep.

Nowadays, sleep masks come with multiple added features and a variety of designs. You are honestly spoilt for choice. So I have curated a list of the best sleep masks to help you achieve a rested sleep every night

Silk Sleep Mask

The quintessential sleep mask worn by movie characters! Silk is as comfortable as it is fashionable. However, silk masks are not just about the show. Silk is a light, breathable, and natural material and helps your skin breathe through the mask. Silk is also soft on your skin, thus ensuring that the sensitive skin around your eyes doesn’t feel the friction of a mask. Overall, a silk mask is a great option, combining luxury and comfort.

Moreover, If it’s good enough for the movie stars, it’s good enough for you.

Koamask Weighted Sleep Mask

The superheroes of the sleep mask world, these weighted masks battle migraine headaches, tension headaches, sinus pain, puffy eyes, dry eyes, and eye strain. These weighted masks are great for anyone susceptible to headaches and eye strains. They also contain a cooling gel, which makes your eyes feel cool and relaxed. If this wasn’t already enough, this mask wraps securely around your head to ensure an absolute absence of light. So, you can have your beauty sleep without any disturbance!

Shinywear Cute Rabbit Sleeping Eye Mask

If you want the practicality of a sleep mask with the cuteness of a bunny, I’ve got your back.

This adorable plush silk sleep mask is great if you want to look cute even while you sleep. It is also made from soft fabric for your comfort. An additional advantage of this mask is that you can wear it as part of a costume or on Halloween. With this sleep mask, you can let your creativity soar!

3D Contoured Eye Mask

Do you like the idea of sleep masks but don’t find them as comfortable?

The contoured masks are for you!

Many people find that simple maks lack comfort and are heavy on their eyelids. The contoured mask solves this issue. This mask contains removable cups that perfectly surround your eyes and at the same time give space for the eyes and don’t strain your eyelids.

So if you’re looking for maximum comfort, look no further!

Thrive Warm & Cold Eye Compress Mask

An all-in-one eye mask to alleviate a range of uncomfortable eye conditions, but also for those times when you want to give your face a spa experience and some self-care. This mask can be heated or refrigerated to increase relaxation. It also helps with various conditions such as blepharitis, pink eye, conjunctivitis, etc.

This mask is the one-stop-shop to your multiple problems.

Pokemon Snorlax Sleeping Eye Mask

Do you see Snorlax as your spirit animal?

Then you have to get this mask. It’s a lightweight and breathable mask, which efficiently blocks out light. As an added bonus, when you are sleeping with this mask on, people will know better than to try to wake you up.

Are you really a Pokémon fan, if you don’t own this mask?

Cozy night Weighted Sleep Mask

This weighted sleep mask is a great way of improving your sleep.

Weighted masks, apart from having all the qualities of a normal mask, have more benefits. They provide deep pressure therapy similar to acupressure. Studies show that evenly-distributed pressure on the body leads to relaxation. Weighted sleeping masks apply even pressure on and around your eyes. This alleviates tension, improves relaxation, and helps you drift off to a peaceful sleep.

This eye mask further has the advantage of being soft and cosy. It’s like a warm fuzzy hug for your eyes.

Ticlo’s Heat Compress Eye Mask

This eye mask is a combination of a weighted mask and a heat compress. Made from soft silk material, this mask allows for effective hydration and soothing experience. You can microwave it for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, before placing it on your eyes. You also receive free vitamin E and aloe vera based eyelid wipes.

You get free stuff with the mask what else can you ask for?

Tim & Tina Silk Sleep Mask

Are you an art enthusiast?

Then this is the mask for you! This silk mask depicts Van Gogh’s famous painting, Starry Night. Who doesn’t love that masterpiece? With a Starry Night mask, you ought to have a calm night of sleep.

This also makes for a good gift for your artsy friends, doesn’t it?

Danielle Anti-Stress Clay Bead Sinus Eye Mask

Looking for a simple and easy way to help with your sinus discomfort? Then this mask is the way to go! The mask comes with a soft inner lining for maximum comfort. It is fragranced with a calming blend of lavender and chamomile. It also contains clay beads that offer uniform heating or cooling throughout the mask.

So just put on this mask and forget all your stress!

Unimi Contoured Sleep Mask

I always liked the idea of sleep masks, but I found them a bit restricting around my nose. If you are like me then this mask will solve your problem. The 3D contoured shape of the mask is comfortable for your nose as well as eyes. It is also made of memory foam for maximum comfort. The mask will ensure no light enters it without blocking your nose.

Concave Molded Night Sleep Mask

Want a simple yet effective mask for your sleep?

This is a smart and sleek eye mask is a great tool to improve your sleep quality. Equipped with memory foam cups that help you get a comfortable sleep, this mask is ideal if you like simple things in life.

3D Cute Frog Sleep Eye Mask

These ‘frog eyes’ sleep mask puts a fun twist on sleeping. This plush and soft mask is made from cotton and is light and comfortable for use. The frog eyes on top of the mask can be opened or closed.

Imagine the intrigue you will stir up using this mask when you travel.

Handmade Cotton Sleep Mask

This mask is made of 95% organic cotton. Even the interior padding is made of cotton, giving a crisp and breathable experience to its user. This mask is also lightweight and does not tangle with hair. The extensive face coverage offered by this mask also benefits the sensitive skin of your face, especially around your eyes.

Fitglam Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Don’t you just hate when your sleep is disturbed?

If you are sleeping in a public place, you are likely to be disturbed. This eye mask makes sure you are left alone. In fact, the message couldn’t be clearer. This mask is made from 100% natural mulberry silk to give you the comfort you deserve.

So put this mask on and go to sleep peacefully knowing that no one will disturb you.


What is the best sleep mask?

The best sleep mask may differ for each person depending on their preferences. If you prefer light breathable masks, you should use masks made from natural materials such as cotton, silk etc. If you want absolute eye coverage, you should invest in contoured masks or masks containing foam cups. Some masks are also fragrant, which make them more calming to use.

So find a mask that works best for you!

Is it safe to wear a sleep mask to bed?

Sleep masks are a safe sleep accessory. They do not have any explicit side effects. However, if you are sleeping in a hot room, they may cause sweating. You should also ensure that the mask strap is not fastened too tightly as it may cause discomfort.

Does a sleep mask help you get good sleep?

Sleep masks help to block light from entering your eyes. They trick the brain into thinking it is time to sleep, thus attracting sleep. Humans are naturally diurnal, meaning we were awake during the day and slept at night. Our brains are hard-wired into associating darkness with sleep and they produce melatonin in the absence of light. Because our brain associates darkness with sleep, we may help with insomnia. Masks improve the quality and length of sleep too.

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