The Best Innovation-Driven Advertising Networks

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Advertising had a phenomenal rise in 2017 with the rise of digital.

In fact, 2017 was the year when Digital overtook TV by 6%. Click To Tweet

It also meant more players were willing to take risks, on platforms which they’ve never advertised before.

Having said all that, it wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for some of the best advertising networks (or agencies) in the world.

1. Percept Knorigin


Percept Knorigin offers the best digital methods and tools in implementing a successful digital marketing campaign. With an accurate application of digital technology and content, drive home the right message to your target audience. From startups to Fortune 500, PK Online adds value to all its engagements with exceptional quality digital advertising services. The agency has a presence across Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

2. Admoda


Admoda provides innovative mobile advertising solutions through its mobile ad campaigning platform. The agency helps the publishers to grab the attention of the audience and monetize the apps and mobile sites with innovative mobile advertising strategies. The advertising network is based in London, United Kingdom.

3. CollectCent


CollectCent specializes in data-driven advertising platform that helps the mobile and desktop advertisers to achieve greater visibility and higher yield for their organization. The advertising network company applies big-data optimization and analytics along with the latest digital trends to provide the publishers with top-notch reachability.

4. Mobhero


Mobhero offers best-in-class advertising solutions to all your mobile advertising and technology needs. From optimization of daily site traffic to effective monetization of mobile advertisement campaigns, this result-oriented advertising network provides you seamless service tailored for your organization’s needs.

5. Games2Win


Games2Win is a leading gaming publisher that is based in India. The ad network is considered to be one of the most rapidly growing gaming advertising network that has helped in downloading over 100 million casual games across iTunes and Android platforms. The network adds value to the game publishers by targeting audience based on the geography, game category and gender.

6. ADAttract


ADAttract provides unparalleled online marketing services for advertisers, publishers, and other affiliate networks. This performance-driven advertising network leverages technology-oriented business approach to achieve greater reach among the audience, thus enabling its clients to monetize their traffic in the most effective way.

7. Affle


Affle helps online and app companies to enhance returns on marketing investment by providing consumer intelligence oriented mobile advertising. This advertising network company also uses an enterprise platform to help its offline engagements go online through consumer data platform based app development.

8. Affinity


Affinity is a contextual ad distribution network that provides innovative advertising and monetization solutions to find new customers and add new revenue streams for both advertisers and publishers. This ad network helps to gain more customers through its innovative branding and performance campaigning techniques.

9. Optimise Media


Optimise Media provides intelligent performance-based advertising solutions to publishers to fuel their online presence and to expand their network of customers. The ad agency network helps its clients to promote their brand across mobile and desktop advertising by shooting up the online traffic.

10. Shoogloo


Shoogloo is a digital media, marketing and mobile advertising network that caters to the increasing demands of the merchants in the fast-paced digital world. This digital media network focuses on Search Engine Optimization, PPC management, affiliate marketing and online marketing consultancy.

11. vCommission


vCommission is a revolutionary digital marketing affiliate network company that provides world-class performance-based marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce marketing, lead generation and app installation services to its clients. The affiliate network helps to maximize the revenue of publishers by providing successful marketing campaigns.

12. Vertoz


Vertoz is a programmatic advertising company that specializes in real-time bidding (RTB) that helps connect the advertisers and publishers to a large pool of potential customers. With a rewarding performance marketing and advertising campaign management, this ad network accelerates online traffic and ensures maximum monetization value for its clients.



ADATHA is a mobile advertising network that primarily uses advanced targeting and performance optimization techniques to help its clients reach their target audience and expand their monetization on return on investment. Through its dynamic mobile advertising channels, the ad network ensures premium client satisfaction for its client’s applications.

14. TapMyAds


TapMyAds is an application marketing platform that specializes in mobile marketing, app installation and monetization of applications. With a data-driven approach, this advertising network helps to ensure the highest return on investment for its clients across 196 countries.

15. Mobisoc


Mobisoc is an advertising network that extensively uses interactive advertising campaigning methods to attract a larger audience and to make the advertisement very successful. The ad network uses relevant content to target the right set of audience.

16. AndBeyond Media


AndBeyond Media uses the power of technology into making world-class video content and creation of branding solutions for an array of advertisers, publishers, and content creators. This ad network helps in driving digital growth and monetization for 500+ premium clients across USA, UAE, and India.

17. AdTycoons


AdTycoons strives to give the utmost customer satisfaction to advertisers and publishers by blending creativity and technology to provide a sound digital marketing campaign and digital monetization solution. AdTycoons help to optimize maximum revenue through its diverse digital products.

18. Opicle


Opicle is a leading digital marketing and app development ad network that specializes in web development, app development, Search Engine Optimization, mobile marketing, email marketing and much more. With a fast-paced technology-driven approach, this ad network helps you with optimal revenue monetization.

19. Fork Media


Fork Media blends captivating usage of images into advertising as the ad network believes images are powerful tools in provoking emotions. The advertising network uses unique methods to conduct a successful digital marketing campaign and delivers superior quality advertising content.

20. YBrant Digital


YBrant Digital is the pioneer of digital marketing that has a global footprint with a wide range of clients. It is headquartered in Hyderabad and has offices all over the world. The ad network caters to the complex needs of advertisers and publishers by offering world-class digital marketing solutions.

21. Seventy Nine Mobi


This revolutionary ad network specializes in application advertising platform and offers end-to-end data management solutions and user analytics solutions to help its clients monetize optimum revenue. With in-depth audience insight and innovative ad formats, this ad network strikes the right cord in capturing potential customers.

22. DGM India


DGM India blends the greatest technology geeks and marketing experts into high performing teams to provide its clients with best in class advertising platforms and digital marketing solutions. The advertising network combines the latest technology and web analytics to help advertisers and publishers to maximize their revenue.

23. Tyroo


Tyroo is a very innovative advertising network platform that extensively uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the making of engaging video contents. The advertising network has patented Marvin, their Intelligent Recommendation Engine that recommends related video content to users based on their device, demography, and interest.

24. SVG Media


Representing more than 70% of India’s internet base, SVG Media is undoubtedly India’s largest digital media company. The ad network specializes in performance, mobile, social and data targeting that makes every digital advertising a great success.

25. BuzzCity


BuzzCity is a leading mobile advertising network that is headquartered in Singapore. The ad network socializes in mobile advertising with greater importance to market-specific data. BuzzCity helps brand owners, mobile agencies and publishers to monetize the revenue through their successful mobile advertising solutions.

26. Adsterra


Adsterra is a digital advertising company that is dedicated to providing high-quality performance-based solutions that are personalized to address the needs of the advertisers, media partners, and publishers across the world. With their real-time statistical data analytics, monetizing revenue could not get any more accurate and easier.

27. Tab


Tab is an intelligent mobile advertising platform that helps drive traffic and pushes the reach of advertisers and publishers to a greater potential. Tab ad network combines the key skills of programmatic demand analysis and in-house technology to reach a greater audience and achieve higher yields.

28. Creafi Online Media


Creafi Online Media an advertising network company that provides high-quality services and solutions by usage of technology and creative thinking hand-in-hand. The advertising network company provides media solutions to advertisers and publishers in the form of increasing traffic, managing advertising campaigns, business marketing, video content advertising, web banners, and mobile advertising.

29. Amobee


Amobee offers world-class advertising and digital marketing solutions for its clients across the globe. The advertising network company accelerates the traffic with its captivating video content, high impact social engagement, and unmatched data science into the creation of successful reach of a digital marketing campaign.

30. Applift


Applift is a very interesting mobile advertising network company that helps the advertisers and publishers to attract potential customers through unmatched mobile advertising solutions and strategies. The ad network company offers unique solutions that are technology driven to re-engage existing customers and also convert the new audience viewing mobile advertising to expand the level of reach.

31. Glispa Media


Glispa is a leading mobile and technology advertising network company that is committed to providing the advertisers and publishers with sophisticated media solutions to help them maximize their reach and traffic. The ad network company specializes in performance marketing and programmatic ad exchange that helps the advertisers in gaining maximum users and also monetizing the apps with hi-impact formats.

32. Ground Truth (Previously xAd)


The leading technology advertising network company xAd has now merged with another network to be known as Ground Truth. The ad network offers location-based audience targeting, measurement and proximity targeting to global clients such as KFC, Philips and Forbes among others.

33. Yoose


Yoose is a leading advertising network company that offers world-class location-based technology solutions to help the advertisers meet the right customers at the right place. They provide curated advertising campaigns that help to attract the precise audience with greater potential to become customers. The company works with a large network of publishers to help brands stay ahead of competitors in every geography.

34. Zedo


Zedo is the world’s largest independent global ad server that provides engaging digital solutions to create a greater advertising impact for publishers and users. With powerful video content and mobile advertising solutions, the ad network company ensures optimization of workflow and greater monetization of traffic.

35. Fidelity Media


Fidelity Media is a leading advertising network company that provides innovative media solutions to advertisers and website monetization solutions to publishers. Fidelity Media ensures highest CPM to match the advertiser’s target and ensures maximum monetization benefits websites and blog inventory.

36. Propeller Ads


Propeller Ads is a performance-driven affiliate advertising network that is dedicated to providing rapid onboarding, in-depth digital monitoring, and real-time ad creation to ensure utmost satisfaction for advertisers. The ad network offers seamless monetization of traffic and forwards thinking digital advertising campaign solutions to premium brands across the globe.

37. WWWPromoter


WWWPromoter is an innovative advertising network that functions as a self-serving traffic platform for both advertisers and publishers. The ad network supports ad formats in the form of pops and banners in both mobile and desktop advertisements. Advertisers, affiliates and media buyers can buy and sell traffic to the desired target audience in a seamless manner.

38. AdTheorent


Adtheorent is a unique advertising platform that is fully loaded with machine learning combination of art and technology. The network’s cutting-edge technological tools help in the precise targeting of geographical audience and organization of impactful digital advertising campaigns. The company has performed breakthrough innovations in the field of audience targeting through artificial intelligence.

39. Apps Union


AppsUnion is a leading mobile advertising platform that offers impactful digital media, marketing and mobile advertising solutions to advertisers and publishers. The ad network ensures huge in-house traffic for publishers websites and successful marketing campaigning reach to the target audience of mobile advertising.

40. Vdopia (now known as Chocolate platform)


Vdopia is an innovative platform that helps publishers and application developers to monetize their apps through cutting-edge technological solutions. Vdopia is now merged to be known as Chocolate. The mediation provides high-quality video content mobile advertising solutions for advertisers to help in the expansion of audience and customers.

41. Pulse Point


Pulse Point is a revolutionary advertising platform that pioneers in radical health personalization. The Pulse Point programmatic tool is built to engage the right set of health care advertisers and publishers with the right target of patients on a real-time basis.

42. Cheetah mobile


Cheetah Mobile is a leading mobile advertising network that engages artificial intelligence with big data analysis to create powerful mobile advertising campaigns. The mobile advertising network attracts a huge number of mobile users and thus promotes application installation with ease and greater impact.

43. Conversant Media


Conversant Media is a digital media company that excels in creative digital advertising with a powerful combination of artificial intelligence, automation and creativity. The digital media company provides personalized video content solutions through mobile, desktop and web application platforms for a large number of publishers.

44. Madhouse


Madhouse Media is a Chinese mobile advertising network that specializes in mobile advertising, application marketing, internet, and wireless marketing. The advertising network is known for the widespread advertising campaigns based on the wireless internet platform. Madhouse also provides innovative marketing solutions for application developers.

45. Mobvista


Mobvista is a leading mobile advertising and technology network that offers precise marketing and data analytics solutions to mobile application developers. The advertising network helps the application developers to attract the right users for their products through personalized targeting with the help of artificial intelligence.

46. Chitika


Chitika is an online advertising network that offers smart advertising solutions for website publishers to help them monetize their web traffic. With personalized and specific target advertising, Chitika helps to increase the volume of traffic for publishers.

47. Clickky


Clickky is a leading digital advertising network that offers best in class performance based programmatic and video content solutions to a wide range of advertisers and publishers. The advertising network also helps yield maximum monetization of revenue for websites through their innovative digital marketing solutions.

48. Httpool


HTTpool is a cross-channel advertising network that operates across Europe and Asia. This powerful advertising network provides a wide range of advertising and marketing solutions that work across various channels and devices. The ad network helps the advertisers to target the right audience and helps increase their revenue from websites and mobile applications.

49. Opera Mediaworks


Opera Mediaworks is one of the world’s largest mobile advertising network that operates globally. This result-driven advertising network engages in innovative, transparent and technology-oriented digital marketing solutions to attract advertisers and publishers from all across the globe.

50. Axill


Axill is an internet media and digital advertising network of advertisers and publishers that aims to make smarter web inventory. The advertising network offers curated display, video content and mobile advertising solutions and also offers to generate revenue by giving ad spaces on their websites.

51. AppCoach


AppCoach ffers diverse mobile marketing solutions to accelerate acquisitions and mobile advertising revenue. The digital media network company provides smart services to advertisers and publishers to efficiently monetize their traffic on a real-time basis.

52. InMobi


InMobi is an advertising network that helps businesses grow and reach greater heights through its innovative cloud-based intelligent platforms. The advertising network drives successful marketing campaigns through its powerful technological tools for advertisers and publishers across globally.

53. YuMe


YuMe leads the advertising technology industry with programmatic platforms with a 360-degree effect of global digital advertising. With personalized tools, the ad network allows the publishers to measure their viewability of website traffic to create a transparent environment for monetization. With innovative advertising contents, the network enables advertisers to reach a greater pool of target audience.

54. Clicksor


Clicksor is a contextual advertising network that widely uses contextual targeting technology that precisely targets the potential visitors for the products marketed by the advertiser. Clicksor mainly uses Pop-Unders and Interstitial Ad formats to help advertisers in increasing ROI and offer publishers to increase online revenue significantly.

55. Infolinks


Infolinks is an innovative digital advertising network that provides unique advertising elements to boost up the return on investment. The ad network ensures a stable revenue source along with unmatched and reliable digital tools for publishers to have an easy tab on monetization and account management.

56. RevenueHits


RevenueHits is a CPA based advertising network that caters a self-service platform to the publishers. RevenueHits helps the publishers to utilize the ad spaces in their websites in the most effective way to convert it into a stable source of revenue. The advertising network helps to monetize the ad space by attracting traffic to the websites.

57. Chocolate Platform


The leading advertising network Vdopia recently launched the merger of its new branding mediation – Chocolate platform. Chocolate provides services relating to mobile video marketing solutions and applications monetization solutions to publishers and developers. The platform also empowers advertisers to gain a large target of the audience through its engaging mobile advertisements.

58. IronSource


IronSource is an innovative mobile advertising network that helps in app monetization and user acquisition for advertisers, publishers, and mobile application developers. Their programmatic platform allows the publisher to display the ad of their choice in their website which allows the publisher to change the ad displayed to the target audience at the last minute. IronSource also allows flexible options for the publisher to choose different ad sources that would create the optimum revenue.

59. Exponential


Exponential is a digital advertising network company that provides digital media advertising intelligence solutions to promote successful branding campaigns for advertisers and publishers. The advertising network drives consumer engagement through its captivating video content marketing, display and mobile advertising.

60. LeadBolt


LeadBolt is a leading mobile advertising network that offers dynamic digital media solutions to advertisers and drives premium global traffic for publishers. The advertising network functions high performing teams that are result-oriented to help the advertisers and publishers achieve their desired business results in terms of monetization.

61. Airpush


Airpush offers a variety of ad formats for advertisers to choose from. Their revolutionary Abstract Banner is a new addition to the industry standard of mobile advertising. From push notifications to high-end video content advertising, Airpush attracts huge traffic and helps in monetization for the advertisers.

62. iCubesWires


iCubesWires is a leading Indian advertising network that focuses on providing exceptional services in the form of branding, audience profiling, social media optimization, programmatic advertising, and mobile marketing. It leads the mobile advertising industry with its innovative futuristic digital innovation center that has developed tools for cross-device targeting.

63. Crayons Advertising


Crayons Advertising is a creative communication and ad network company that solely operates on the motive of providing creative advertising solutions to the advertisers. Crayons Advertising deals with providing digital branding solutions, activation services for events, print and film production services and innovative media solutions.

64. Fountainhead Digital


FountainHead Digital proudly call themselves to be texperientialists as they provide out of the box digital services that aim to merge physical and digital experiences of the users. With a powerful team of conceptualizers and designers, the advertising network designs ethereal ad solutions in mobile, web and virtual reality platforms.

65. JWT


JWT is a world-renowned marketing communications network that has a global footprint. The pioneer of the advertising industry, J. Walter Thompson leads the industry with innovations that cut through the legacy of global advertising. JWT offers services relating to branding, media solutions, data analytics, and innovative advertising.

66. Hakuhodo Percept


Hakuhodo Percept is a leading advertising and public relations company that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The advertising company has been a forerunner in the industry and has been responsible for setting up many of the world’s well-known brands for the past 120 years. With a widespread cover of operations in over 150 countries, Hakuhodo continues to provide cutting-edge creative marketing solutions for leading brands.

67. Seagull Advertising


Seagull Advertising is an integrated advertising network that aims to provide wings of digital advertising and marketing solutions to brands to help them soar in the market. Seagull Advertising plants seeds of growth for various ventures by offering them innovative digital marketing and brand consulting solutions.

68. Red Fuse Communications


Red Fuse Communications is a leading innovative advertising agency that is always ahead of the current industry standards. Red Fuse Communications constitutes of high performing teams that include experts from across communications discipline to bring out the best in class advertising solutions to global clients.

69. Aquarius Promotions


Aquarius is an integrated advertising agency that offers multidisciplinary services relating to target based advertising, branding solutions, media planning solutions, and digital marketing campaigning services, all in the way of unusual creativeness. The advertising agency is known for blending traditional and conventional advertising methodologies with modern digital techniques to bring out vibrant results.

70. Urja Communications


Urja Communications is a leading digital agency that focuses on bringing out the best of digital usage in the field of advertising. The agency network excels at email marketing, digital marketing and in the development of engaging games, mobile applications, and websites. With content development and social media management services adding as feathers to the cap, Urja Communications doesn’t leave any stone unturned in the advertising industry.

71. Grey India


Grey India is a world-renowned advertising network is part of the Grey Global group. With a sound existence for over 100 years, Grey has been continuously ranked as one of the top 10 advertising networks around the world. Grey India delivers exceptional branding solutions and services to India’s most premium clients. From creative compelling advertising solutions for leading brands to producing provoking PSAs for UNICEF, Grey has a 360-degree global presence in the industry.

72. Carat


Carat is a digital advertising network that operates across five continents to bring out the best of avant-garde media solutions to leading clientele network around the world. The network provides widely appreciated advertising and digital marketing solutions to premium clients to keep in pace with the industry trends.

73. Avail Advertising


Avail Advertising is an Indian advertising network that employs a compact yet furiously creative team of experts who are always on the skateboard to glide their clients effortlessly into the ever-changing market by offering great branding solutions, digital marketing, designing & advertising and social media management.

74. Publicis Worldwide


Publicis Worldwide is a leading creative advertising agency that helps its clients lead the change in the ever-changing market. Their global presence in the field of advertising and communications have earned them many of the premium brands that always seek their creative branding, advertising, and digital media solutions.

75. Purnima Advertising

75 (1)

Purnima Advertising is an advertising network based in India that started as a small theatre slide ad screening agency. Over the years, the advertising network has grown to be one of the most promising ad agencies in India. The ad network has created some of the most legendary television ads that are remembered for over a decade. The agency also provides branding and marketing solutions to startups to give them the right amount of boost.

76. FCB-Ulka


FCB-ULKA is one of the pioneers of the advertising industry that also leads the service with a humongous global presence. The advertising agency network offers world-class services that include search business strategy, CRM, direct marketing solutions, digital marketing and branding services and creative advertising solutions to the biggest conglomerates around the world.

77. Ogilvy & Mather


Ogilvy is an integrated communications agency with a deep legacy followed through the centuries. The forerunner of the advertising and communications industry, Ogilvy is undoubtedly one of the most awarded and recognized communications agency globally. The agency offers advertising, marketing and applied communication services to elite brands across the world.

78. DDB Mudra


DDB Mudra Group is India’s largest communications network that provides premium services in the field of marketing and advertising. The marketing communications network offers services in four fields of expertise interest that include Media, OOH, Retail and Experiential. The Group stands as a testimony for successful branding of many of India’s leading brands today.

79. Madison Advertising


Madison World is a diversified communications network that spreads its services across lanes of media, advertising, public relations and business analytics. Madison World has collaborated with many of the biggest and leading brands of India to bring out exceptional and award-winning marketing services.

80. TBWA India


TBWA is a world-renowned advertising network that is a unit of the largest advertising agency in the world – Omnicom Group. TBWA always pledges to provide disruptive ideas that are sure to sweep the audience off their feet. The advertising network giant creates business-changing advertising solutions for leading brands.


These are some of the most innovative advertising agencies that are changing the conventional way of promoting a product or service.

All the advertising networks mentioned here are constantly producing out of the box creations that are compelling and wide-reaching to lead the market with innovation as the prime element.

If you wish to improve your brand visibility, reach out to us using the contact form.


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